Leadtimes for Rossini

Ha, I know — I was being silly. It pays to have your wits about you when you’re out and about (in real life or online). Sometimes you’ll see someone setting something up in a window:

“Err…is that for sale?”
“Um, yep. It only arrived a few minutes ago!”
“Please put it away again and take my money.”

Has happened to me more than once. Not everyone runs strict waitlists, so being able to pounce is a real plus :+1:t2:

7 weeks in for mine(Black one), as per my dealer shipment from DCS would be mid April when i followed it up couple weeks back. Fingers crossed its now in transit as with everyone. I think we are almost at the same batch of manufacture… hoping :slight_smile: .


Mine arrived at the dealer yesterday, will be with me on Tuesday. That will be just over 13 weeks and I’m in the UK.


Hi folks,

The reason for the current extended lead times is an unexpectedly high demand for Rossini (and Bartók) at the moment.


Thank you for the update, James.

Would it make any difference in waiting if one orders a Rossini Player instead of the Rossini DAC?

Got my Rossini DAC on Tuesday - nearly 11 weeks from order to delivery.
Ordered the clock and Ive been quoted 5 weeks.
Happy bunny…

I just received my Rossini , only about 3 week wait time

Very happy with it so far

Congrats Sebastian, and happy listening!

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Congrats! I am also waiting for a Rossini dac. I am planning to connect it directly to my active loudspeakers.


what active speakers do you have?

ATC scm 150 ASL


It will be interesting. I have ATC 50 ASLT and ATC SCA2 preamp, which I could not refuse in favor of Bartok connected directly.

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Yes it’s the same for me. I actually own an SCA2 but in case of positive results I would probably sell the preamp and go for a Rossini Clock.

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Good plan. Keep in touch, please :slight_smile:

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Absolutely :grinning:

Hmmm, I wonder. However after all it is a personal decision. I have ATC SCM50 ASLs and own an SCA2 but find it dry sounding, excellent as it is otherwise. So it resides in my “reserve” equipment storage . Like more than a few ATC active owners I find that using a tube preamplifier results more closely in what I hear from live performance though in my case that is predicated upon acoustic instruments i.e. classical music ensembles. If my main interest was R&R then perhaps the SCA2 might be preferable alongside my SPL Phonitor 2 in preamp mode.

Yes the clock is a great purchase but I wouldn’t remove a preamp to fund it ( though I speak from a Vivaldi owner position but I think that the decision would be the same for Rossini).


Thanks for your kind feedback. I will definitely keep in mind your words but it is something I would like to try. I’ve found an interesting video on YouTube where they were comparing some active loudspeakers and the ATC + Rossini player & clock combo sounded amazing to my ears. I know it is just a video with all the limitations and can’t be compared to a “live” experience but I think I should give it a try.
Here is the link to the video:

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In my case Bartok plays more drier directly than SCA2. But tonally it is very similar (It is good for me). In both cases it sounds transparent. I like this precise presentation. And the difference becomes smaller if less digital attenuation (high volume) is used. But nevertheless, with a pramp, the sound is a little more full-bodied, fused and richer in timbre. With a preamp, I can always add any source that doesn’t have a volume control. And I also like to control Bartok playback and standby mode using the remote control of the ATC preamp)))
The preamp or clock is a dilemma. But preamp and clock is better))

My experience agrees with your findings (albeit with Vivaldi). Incidentally I find that the SCA2 takes a long time to reach thermal stability after switch on . Mind you I have a very early sample with the earlier case having part textured aluminium finish and matching remote. I bought it in mid 1997 if my memory is correct. Its serial number indicates it being number 6. So early was it that the printed user manual had not been delivered to ATC so I have a some set up instructions photocopied at the factory with the proper manual mailed to me a couple of months later.

I bought it with the optional phonostage which proved to be excellent at picking up an Italian radio station after sundown :smiley: . Fixed later by adding a little capacitance and re-routing the internal connecting leads,


This definitely cannot be sold, it has collectible value)))

Yes, mine is the same. Therefore, I often use the standby button and do not turn it off using rear button. Moreover, rear button creates loud bangs in the speakers unless they were turned off first.

Perhaps it’s time to carry out prevention? My was made in 2009.

I have an SPH2 phono board installed, but I have never used it. It was always interesting to know how good it is to try any turntable.