Leadtimes for Rossini

Just wondered if anyone else is experiencing longer than expected leadtimes on DCS orders, even taking COVID into account? I placed an order for a Rossini 7 weeks ago on an expected lead time of 6 to 8 weeks and I’ve just been told it’s going to be another 4 weeks.

Thanks, Mike.

I’m waiting for my Rossini too. I was told it would be about 3 weeks more due to back-orders on metal / casework. Frustrating.

Thanks Omni. That’s what I heard, which is a little surprising as I thought all the metal/casework was sourced locally. I’d have been less surprised if they were waiting for components from outside the UK.

But it’s only a small inconvenience in the scheme of things so I’m happy to wait a little longer. And it’s not as if my Bartok is sounding worse just because I have a Rossini on order!

Cheers, Mike.

As many people know I have been a UK customer of dCS for over two decades. Hence I have bought quite a few components from them in the intervening period. A lead time of 6-8 weeks would be exceptionally short in my experience and I would commonly be quoted around 12-13 weeks though this may be beaten a little in practice. I suspect that export orders may be given precedence however ( I don’t know where you are).

That is correct in regard to the manufacturing although I am afraid that restrictions on working caused by covid are affecting the supply of many things here. Moreover there are difficulties in haulage to the UK from continental Europe due to Brexit. I believe that the raw aluminium may come from the EU.

Hi Pete, thanks, in a way that’s reassuring - and I guess I was lucky with my original Bartok order that came in in 5 weeks.

I’m the UK btw.

Cheers, Mike.

I ordered my Bartók beginning of October, 2018. It arrived end of February, 2019… :thinking: Not 5 weeks, but 5 months!

Haha, in that case I’ll stop complaining!!

Ordered my Bartok third week of June 2019 quoted 12 weeks, hadn’t arrived by week 13, agreed a loaner with my dealer, it arrived first week Oct, took 15 weeks in total

Three extra weeks is a long time when you’re keen :slight_smile: good luck!

I’m in the eastern US. All colors and configurations of Bartok were in stock at my dealers distributor. I had my Bartok in a week. I know now that I got really lucky!

Hello. I am Canadian from Montreal. I ordered a Rossini DAC in mid-January and received everything in mid-February, so 4 weeks. I then ordered the “Master Clock and it was in stock. I received it in four days. By the way, I am very impressed with the sound quality. It is magnificent.”

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I have a Rossini and Clock ordered 5 weeks ago. I reside in the midwest USA. Before I ordered I was told 2-3 weeks by the DCS Americas Sales Manager. One week later I placed my order with a Midwest dealer. He checked that day and was told 4 weeks. At the 4 week date I checked in and was told that shipment was imminent. Have not heard anything since.

Hi pippen99. Lead times for delivery vary somewhat from time to time as dCS products are mainly built to order. However unlike most distributors it seems that dCS Americas might carry a small stock of some products which I can only guess at however because times may be shorter than in other territories. Lead times in the UK - dCS’ home country - seem from my experience to be around 12 weeks on average. Currently Covid is not the only issue affecting production in the UK as there are also shipping issues regarding raw materials yet to be resolved satisfactorily as a result of the UK leaving the EU’s single market in January. This is explained in this thread earlier.

I was notified today that my Rossini was in the hands of my dealer. It will be delivered next Monday. That equates to an 8.5 week lead time. I used that time to talk myself in to getting the Clock at the same time. The wait is almost over.


Congrats, and happy listening soon. I will go through the same wait in not too long time.

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Congratulations @pippen99! Let us know your impressions when you get it home

I am about 6 weeks behind you :slight_smile:


I’m in week 12, I’m told it’s on its way. Haven’t managed to get a clock ordered (yet…)

I have to say DCS aren’t great at providing updates, been a bit frustrating/disappointing…but I’m sure that will all go away once I’ve got it…


6 weeks into an 8 week wait, but no recent update. Happily I have the dealers dem Rossini player and Clock to keep me company.


I guess I must be lucky then; when I upgraded from Bartok to Rossini my dealer had a unit in stock and I picked it up the same day. Zero wait.

Show off :grin:

Who me? Not at all, merely pointing out that there may be dealers out there with stock on hand. FWIW, mine was Audio Salon in Florida