Issue with Mosaic 1.4

Hello. After downloading the new release, my Vivaldi DAC switched to the network (Qobuz) while I was listening to a CD via my Vivaldi Transport. Strangely enough my Mosaic app was not even open on my Iphone. After pausing the song, it happened once again. Any idea of the reason why this has happened and what can I do in order to prevent it in the future? Many thanks. Franco

Hi Franco,

I’m afraid I don’t know why that would happen as the 1.4 app changes are restricted to the new format volume control, the addition of a direct connect function to allow us to better assist in the event of the app not auto discovering dCS devices, grid view as well as list view when browsing and allowing searches on a specific service - there’s not a mechanism within the Mosaic app itself that would produce that effect as far as I am aware - could it possibly be that your Vivaldi might have received a spurious IR command from the remote?

If you find that it is happening and can be replicated then we can start working through it with you.

If you do get it happening again then please drop me an email at [email protected] and we will get it picked up with you.

Best Regards

Phil Harris

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Thanks Phil. I will monitor the situation and get back to you if it happens again.

Bes regards,

Unless I’m missing something, I seem to have a Qobuz issue with 1.4. I don’t seem to be able to get album information. If I stream an album, the little i on the cover image (top left) is not there anymore so I can’t request the album info. The track info still works fine though. I hope this can be fixed as I use it all the time.

I’m using iPadOS 16.2

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Yes, along with my earlier comments I noticed this too. BTW, I find the play/view choice controls at the screen bottom very insensitive often requiring several attempts to operate. I have tried to affect this with the iOS version but the Apple settings options relate to duration rather than pressure. Android seems better.

Overall this upgrade seems less successful than those previously. I wonder if a time deadline for the development had to be met?

It seems to get worse. I have noticed in Play Queue that " Play from Here" has gone only " Play Now" remains meaning that e.g. if a file contains 2 symphonies you cannot only play number 2 .You can only select e.g. the first track of the second symphony if you want to start there. Thereon each movement ( rack) requires selection one by one.

Further some tracks are crashing leaving the controls inoperative. The right hand vertical cursor is also stuck.

I-Pad iOS 15.6.1

I will reload the software from App Store but this will be the third go.

Later: Reloaded v1.4 and I now see " Play From Here" but the cursor is not working properly.

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I notice that the slider volume control has gone and in its place is a :musical_note: symbol.
This goes clockwise/anti clockwise, once on each click but volume is unchanged!

Is there a fault here?


Trebor, the :musical_note: icon is not volume control. It is to change phase ( polarity).

If you look to the bottom right of the screen you will see a loudspeaker icon with figures for the setting in front of it. That is the volume control. If you tap the volume figures the screen displays a circular dial for adjusting volume.

Pete, thank you!
Got it!

I do like the grid view!
Need to be able to sort favourites, artists in particular, in alphabetical order!

Hi All,

If you are having any issues with Mosaic 1.4 can you please make sure that they get emailed to [email protected] - that way they don’t get lost in the middle of a thread on the forums. We do try to keep an eye on the forums but it is quite “fluid” and I’d like to be able to track the problems that any of you are having.

No there wasn’t - it should just have been a rolling release to sort an Android 13 change, the grid view, the volume control, a revised search and the direct connect to devices by IP address that James and I wanted for when we’re trying to help out customers with discovery issues so we are very curious about other changes that are being reported…



You don’t write anything about problems with the keyboard and typing in the search box, for example, albums. Does this work for sighted people? Version 1.4 of Mosaic blocked the Voice over search capability that blind people use to operate IOS.


Hi Robert,

Just to confirm, I have your report and it has been logged…


Hi Pete,

I have your report too and I’m working through it and logging it.


Yes, the point is that in version 1.3 of Mosaic, when I clicked on the “search” edit box, a keyboard appeared and I could enter the search phrase and find what I wanted to listen to. Only feedback about what is entered was missing. And if there was a typo, there was no way to correct it. Now it is completely impossible to type in because after clicking on the “search” field, the on-screen keyboard does not appear, which obviously makes it impossible to type anything even blindly. That’s why I’m asking if it’s possible to temporarily revert to version 1.3 of Mosaic? Maybe I’m not very good at explaining what the problem is, but English is not my native language. I apologize for these inaccuracies.

Hi Robert,

Thank you for your reply. Your English is great and we understood completely what you were reporting - it has been escalated back to the app developers for their attention.

Unfortunately we have no way to roll back your particular device to 1.3 in the meantime.

Best Regards


Hi Phil,
if it is not possible to go back to version 1.3 of Mosaic, please consider sharing (on a confidential basis) the beta version of Mosaic if the keyboard support works properly in it. The lack of search means that I can only listen to newly added albums. Regards Robert

Hi Robert,

At this time there is no Beta that you could be given but I have raised your request to be included on the Beta to our App Team Manager.

Phil and Robert, I have just checked the search facility with Mosaic v.1.4 for both UPnP and Qobuz and the OSK is correctly generated on screen. However you need to tap" Enter Search Term" for it to appear and I wonder if Robert is only tapping the search magnifying glass icon? No OSK appears but the search tern field does.

So it needs two fields to be selected.

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Hi Pete,
Unfortunately, I don’t have visual feedback, what I click is all I hear is what VO says. When I want to search for an album or artist, I click on the item in the lower right corner called “search”. The search screen appears with the edit field “enter the search phrase” I click on this element and nothing happens. The on-screen keyboard does not appear, nor does the cursor appear in the edit box. If you put a screen with marked places where you should click to start the search?

That is not what I find and the On Screen Keyboard ( OSK) does generate when I tap this .

Phil Harris has asked that issues with Mosaic v.1.4 should be notified to him via an email to Support:

I know that you are in contact with him anyway but it nay help ensure that your very helpful suggestion is not overlooked::