Issue with Mosaic 1.4

I am running Mosaic on an Android tablet. I listen via UPnP and MinimServer. I compile a list of tracks for a listening session and put these in the play queue.

In Mosaic 1.3 the total time for the tracks to be played was displayed at the top left-hand side of the play queue. In Mosaic 1.4 only the total number of tracks in the queue is displayed. For me this is a significant retrograde step - I can no longer immediately see the duration of my planned listening session as I add tracks. Instead I have to add up the track times for all the tracks in my head.

Has anyone else noticed this change from Mosaic 1.3 to 1.4?

Can the total play time in the play queue display be restored?

(I have sent an email to dCS support.)

Yep, I noticed the missing total time duration.
It was useful to have it.
I support it being restored!