Great DSD downloads

Any good recommendations for great DSD downloads?

Blue Coast, Sound Liaison, and Native DSD.

I would add highresaudio from Germany.

However if Franco means by his question that he would like examples of individual albums it may help if he told us of the type of music ( genres) that he favours.

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That’s correct Peter. I thought about a thread listing best ever recordings/performances in dsd format that people in the community can try. What do you think?

Peter, personally, I really like every type of music, except perhaps for metal and modern pop.

However, I thought about a thread which could be useful for the entire community as best reference audiophile recordings in dsd format. Does this thread exist already?

If you are after the best quality possible from DSD, you would need to look at recordings made at DSD128 or DSD64 that were NOT subject to mastering, similar to Vinyl direct cuts. If there was any conversion from the original DSD recording, they are likely to drown any quality advantage from DSD (if there is any at all). I like to seek out downloads in the format they were recorded in, to minimize any processing / conversions on the way.
Having said that, here’s a lovely album that was recorded in DSD128, the maximum rate dCS gear can presently handle:
Dreams and Prayers - NativeDSD Music
The other A Far Cry album you find on nativeDSD was recorded in DSD256

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Well, we already have " What’s spinning " and folk could add the format when posting.

As for just DSD, why not e.g. DXD or any format with resolution over 16/44.1? My own take is that I buy the music, not the format although in regard to the latter if various formats are offered I will try to find one that is that of the original recording (master) if known. For example I would recommend the recent recordings of the Handel Concerti Grossi Op 3 and Op 6 by Akademie fur Alte Musik Berlin on Pentatone . You can buy them from Native DSD in DSD format. But the original master was recorded in DXD. The DSD sounds fine but the DXD is superior IMO. Would you like me to include or exclude it? Or include it but note that the DXD is the preferable format?

That raises the question, do you mean only native DSD ( the format, not the vendor, and overlooking the almost inevitable transfer to DXD for editing during post production - then transfer back to DSD for sale) or anything that is available as DSD irrespective of origin?

Moving slightly off topic for any residents of Great Britain reading this, DSD downloads are AFAIK only available to us from foreign vendors most particularly Native DSD ( I think Netherlands or Belgium) and Highresaudio ( Germany). Up until 1st January their prices included VAT. Has anyone tried buying from them since we left the EU single market?


Peter, while I love “What’s spinning” , I was thinking that adding a thread on best audiophile recordings (and I agree with you that this should not probably be limited to DSD) could potentially make sense for the Community. What do you think?

My personal opinion ( I am sure others may differ) is as I mentioned above. I buy the music not the format.

Buying by format - and yes we have all done this I’ll bet , results in a a collection of wonderfully recorded , pressed and packaged items that are never played after the first time ( except in this case there is no pressing ). If it is great music only available in mono from transferred 78s I am interested. If it is the most superb recording using the most up to date and highly regarded technology I pass it by unless it coincides with the music that I want.

So for me format is not a consideration that is driving my interest in any case.

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But “best” is a very subjective term.

Over the years I’ve been on numerous forums that have had similar threads with lists of recordings that, frankly, were all over the map, and the thread ends up being no different from “What’s Spinning” :grin:

Anip, it was just an idea plus you don’t have to follow the thread if not interested. Thank you anyway.

I think it’s a nice idea, Franco, but that in practice it might not be as good as we’d hope.

My opinion — for what it’s worth! — is that the “What’s Spinning” threads often add something to my playlists that I wouldn’t otherwise have heard, even with Roon Radio’s fantastic suggestions. We all have different tastes, and since there aren’t that many of us on these forums I’d hate to lose some of you to the hi-res splinter group that I might forget to check :slight_smile:

Also, for me there are things that matter more than the format. One of them is sound quality, of course — I’m sure I love getting my mitts/ears on something gorgeously recorded/mastered/etc. as much as you do! A great aspect to the “What’s Spinning” threads can be when someone posts that they’re loving Album X, and someone else pipes up about a different release being of better quality. Sometimes this nudges someone towards hi res, but other times it can be in the other direction. Also, as @Anupc says, “better” is likely to be up for debate.

The other is the music itself. I’d rather hear about a fantastic album with crappy sound quality than an album I don’t like created realistically in my living room. The two aren’t mutually exclusive, of course!

The holy grail for me would be posts on the “What’s Spinning” threads that share the music we’re enjoying, as well as a note on the best-sounding issue of it is that we’ve found so far. I’ll try and do that from now on in case it helps others too :+1:


Thanks Ben. I also love “What’s Spinning”. My idea was only to create a separate thread only focused on Hi-res files where people can recommend good downloads and related source. Again, this is not meant to replace the WS thread by any means. I only feel that WS is more focused on music (rather than SQ) but I might be wrong. On the other hand, I am perfectly aware that good SQ does not necessarily equal good music (content wise). Just my two cents.

I love the idea of making sure we add information like our assessment, the source/vendor, and even what we might know of provenance, to our posts in What’s Spinning.