For Christmas....the dCS present!

Few ideas:

  1. Separate headphone amp
  2. Rossini DAC with headphone amp
  3. See the filter being used in the main screen in Mosaic. Be able to change it from here as well.
  4. Ability to see all combos of bit rate and depth (At same time) and see the selected filter and be able to change them, in setup screen in Mosaic.
  5. Improve the volume adjustment in Mosaic.
  6. Sensibly priced remote for Bartok with rotary volume adjuster.
  7. Firmware 2.0 for Bartok.

Actually when I am using Mosaic on my iPad, make it so the iPads volume control buttons work as Mosaic volume control, even when screensaver is active if Mosaic is the active app.

Firmware update for all…with improved SQ :slight_smile:

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I think that’s called the forthcoming range :wink: ( 2021?).

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For soon after Christmas… a hard Brexit. How will that affect us, and dCS?

No, that is called Vivaldi 3.0 :star_struck:

interesting thread read… I for one think dCS know exactly what they’re doing, thus the amazing product we all enjoy… if/when they deem fit to release a firmware it will be ready for prime time and necessary, and not just a release of dopamine to make it seems like we got something, when we really didn’t…

I look forward to years of enjoyment from my new Rossini because it’s already nearly perfect… what else can they do? Time will tell.

Anyway, dCS is very (VERY) quiet since long time now. Hope news would appear before 2022.

Probably hard to do much productive research and development during COVID lockdowns and such, especially for a smallish company like this.

@Andrew whats the gift for this Christmas for dcs owners :slight_smile: