For Christmas....the dCS present!

Hi dCS team !

Do you already think about a Christmas present for your dear customers :slight_smile:
A new release of the Mosaic software would be very appreciated…

Any hint already ?

Best regards.


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We’re targeting at least 3 releases before the end of the year and, no, we aren’t going to tell you what we have planned. That would ruin the surprise :wink:

Seriously, though we’re already working on the second of those releases. The first is in testing and should ship in the coming weeks. We may or may not get to the third before the end of the year.


You never stop working…thanks for this very quick answer.

Santas little helper whispered in my ear that it is possible to squeeze out a few drops of increased SQ performance on the NWB , because it is the same main board and FPGA as the rest of the dCS streaming units, but slightly restricted script.
I’m thinking instead on lay down to much effort to increment more functions on an already good working App :sparkles::pray:t2::ok_hand::santa:t5:

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Maybe you prepared the firmware 1.9 for BartĂłk, which is very close to Rossini 2.0? :slight_smile:

Well, eventhough I wish a merry Christmas to Bartok owners…I would prefer that they prepare a present for all customers (Mosaic) and if they have to choose customers, then I hope they do something for Vivaldi Dac owners :smile:…that’s a true Christmas when having kids complaining about the gift they expected and they didn’t get :joy:

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Ok, I agree on Rossini 2.5, Vivaldi 3.0 also and Mosaic new version for all ))

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I think I also like @Beolab wrote could see my self enjoying even better sound from the NWB :ok_hand::grinning:

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