For Christmas....the dCS present!

I am not sure that you are correct in this. Andrew’s message about the aborted USB output for the Network Bridge said that the USB device under consideration could not be made to work satisfactorily to dCS’ standards. There was no mention of sound quality specifically at all. It was felt that it would be inappropriate for dCS to offer something that did not function correctly even if the customer would likely be unaware.

Hello Pete, you are right, you used the right words mentioning “dCS standards”. I concluded probably too fast that it was linked to “sound quality”.
Any way if there is a such difference between UPnP and Roon, i assume it should be out of the “dCS standards”.

For the same reason dCS supports TOSLink interfaces for example, when it’s clearly an inferior interface compared to others - providing wide enough usability.

Roon clearly is the market leader when it comes to playback UI, so it’s no surprise dCS would want to support it, but in my opinion, Roon is not the last word in Sound Quality, they’re appear to be focused on adding more and more features into the now very bloated software.

I can’t tell why there is a sonic difference when the source material and the physical transport medium is identical, but especially on my Vivaldi system, there’s a subtle but distinct difference between listening with Roon/RAAT versus Mosaic Control-app/UPnP, with the latter always sounding better.

The only people who could suggest possible reasons why this might be the case is dCS because it requires intimate knowledge of the streaming board/interface into the rest of the system. Maybe for another thread on :grin:

Thanks. Now I’m curious and need to test Roon vs UPnP :grinning:
I also read people hearing such difference but not with a dCS system and their conclusion was that it could be linked to RAAT protocol. They were also mentioning that between the version 1.6 and 1.7 of Roon, the sound improved being less « round » especially in medium. Let’s see.

Hope all dCS team is working safe and they can move properly with the next gifts and surprise for our equipments :slight_smile:

If I understand well, you expect Christmas in July :rofl:…but who knows :wink:

I always expect Christmas whatever the date :slight_smile:


dCS Network Bridge Software v2.0x

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Bartók v2.0. To the set that all DCS devices have already received version 2.0.
Best regards Robert


Time to think about Christmas 2021 as it is very quiet since months :slight_smile:


Maybe we will see a 3.0 (work name: Covid-21) SW/FW update during -2021

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Well, I noticed I created this conversation thread in September 2019…So, it is time to talk about the next Christmas gift from dCS…and this year, as we stayed quietly home listening music on dCS gear, because we like doing it, but also because we had to…I suggest dCS should reward us with something new…my preference is a new release of the Mosaic software, but why not a Vivaldi 3.0 upgrade, or a Network Bridge 2.0 or a Vivaldi Upsampler with a headphone amplifier included…

Well Mosaic v. 1.1.1 is promised shortly and I guess that “shortly” now includes the Christmas shopping period.

I don’t anticipate that there will be a Vivaldi 3.0 upgrade given discussion ( or rumour mongering :slightly_smiling_face:) on these boards about the possibility of Vivaldi being replaced next year. If so and if they are going to stick with Italian composers for the name I hope it is Monteverdi. Not only does that sound cool but it also reminds me of a Swiss supercar of the 1970s.

Hmmm. How would that work? The Upsampler is a DDC, and a headphone amp would require a DAC in there somewhere.

Anyway, I am afraid Pete is probably correct. He knows dCS way better than I do, but it’s my sense that a 3.0 firmware for Vivaldi is both unlikely and (from an SQ perspective other than higher res DSD) unnecessary. I suppose an incremental firmware update for Vivaldi, allowing for firmware updates for Rossini and Bartok while preserving the product line separations, might be possible. I will be interested to see what the new Mosaic will bring, but as a Roon user for my music playback, I doubt it will be very meaningful for me.

A Swiss superknife I can understand, but a Swiss supercar…welll…they should better make a Vivaldi 3.0 then :rofl:

Ouups, you are right…I guess it would work like a Swiss supercar :sweat_smile:

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As you seem to find it amusing , this is it :

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It is a good balance between a Jaguar and a Ferrari…not that bad I must admit :slightly_smiling_face:

Monteverdi 375L

Monteverdi history

Monteverdi Museum

Greetings from Switzerland

OK, you got me, I shall never place a joke anymore on Swiss supercars…Actually I am from Mulhouse…near Basel !!!
I always remember the day we had the huge surprise of visiting the Schlumpf private collection in Mulhouse…I guess it means something for Basel people.
Well, back to dCS, I do hope they won’t call their new gear Monteverdi now we all know it was a car manufacturer :rofl: