For Christmas....the dCS present!

I also thought we deserved a Christmas gift. Unfortunately, the waiting all year round made me feel a bit disappointed and let down. Hope dies last.

I would like to see the the ability of Mosaic APP to control the Rossini clock dither on & off and standby modes

Ah ! dCS always think about a Christmas gift for its usersā€¦ :slight_smile:


I was hoping for a Rossini update to fix the chopping off the first few seconds of a DSD track bug.

They said it will be fixed in a future update but have no indication of when that might be.

Hi Andrew, would be very curious about your plans for a 3.0 firmware version for my beloved Vivaldi One. Can you kindly share anything on this? Many thanks.

Hi, it is a very good question that we can extend to Vivaldi Dac and also Vivaldi Upsamplerā€¦but the thread is about Christmas giftā€¦so they may not respond before December :slight_smile:

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Letā€™s hope they donā€™t need that much timeā€¦ Version 2.0 is several years old already. In case it is indeed planned for next Christmas dCS at least still have almost 9 months time to finish it. :wink: