dCS premium remote II

Wondering if any dCS owners are using the Premium Remote II.
Had a pair of DEVIALET monos and their remote was a delight…just a rotary dial to control volume as it appears this remote offers, rather than using an iPad or phone and Roon.

I had placed a feature request with dCS some time ago when I discovered the Vivaldi remotes (I have both the original and the new Premium) do not have the same capabilities as the Rossini remotes for controlling Roon.

I find it annoying to have to grab my laptop or iPad to control some of Roon’s basic functions when a remote is always sitting within arms reach of my chair. The Rossini could handle these chores and dCS has explained some of the reasons in other threads.

Is the remote directional, as in infra red, so the user must be in line of sight of the DAC and pointing at it? The rotary volume is a great feature but only if the remote can just sit on a table and command the DAC using Bluetooth or radio freq. The DEVIALET remote was, I believe, radio driven so it needn’t be pointed and had tremendous range.
From your post, above, am I reading it correctly when you discuss the Rossini remote as being a different design to the Remote II?

The remote is IR, but it has a fairly wide field and a relatively powerful emitter. I typically have it on the table next to my chair pointing in the direction of the system and it works fine.

The remotes are the same. The difference is that the Vivaldi Upsampler doesn’t have functionality for receiving transport commands for Mosaic via IR. Rossini, Bartók, and Vivaldi One all do. There is a mundane technical reason for Vivaldi not having this functionality right now.

Can the remote control the typical ROON player features such as advance, pause, repeat, etc…?

Is there a manual available to download?

Too bad about the IR but if I take your comments above, the unit doesn’t need to be on the same vertical plane as the DAC (ie: on a lower coffer table but pointed to the DAC)

As Andrew indicated not for the Vivaldi. You can only mute the sound but it does not stop the tracks from playing.

In any caae I wouldn’t control the volume from the remote as I prefer to use the remote for my pre-amp for that function, The knob is a nice feature for those who do connect direct to their amps.

Thanks for your response.
Do you have any issues with the remote not being read if not in obvious “line of site”?
In my case, I have the Bartok and using it direct to my amps.
Hoping to avoid the need to use the iPad for all cases.

Hi all! Hope I’m not hijacking this thread in asking a couple of dumb questions … awaiting delivery of a new Bartok, didn’t think it came with a remote but guess it may have the standard one like the Debussy? and I assume the Premium Remote works fine with Bartok?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Where mine sits I have no issues with the unit operating the functions it can control. (filters, mute , power on/off etc)

no remote and hence this thread…Cheers

…Thanks… .

I am not sure if I should create a new thread or post here, so please accept my apologies.

I have a small issue with the remote control that came with my Rossini Player. I can turn the volume down but not up. Everything else works, though.

How can I fix this? Thanks in advance.

Hi Leonard,

Welcome to the community.

What is the maximum level in dB, as shown in the display of your Rossini Player, that you can turn your volume up to? I mean, the max of course is 0.0dB, which you can establish on the Player itself. But do you mean you cannot go towards it just on the remote?

If I use the knob on the Rossini Player, I can turn the volume up to its maximum. But if I use the knob on the remote, I can only turn down the volume. Rotating the knob to turn it up doesn’t do anything.

Thanks. Then I am afraid it has to go back to your dealer, certainly if everything else is working, as you state.

To add: You could try to reboot your Rossini Player from the backside switch, just to see if a reset is solving the problem.

Thank you. I’ll try that.

If a reboot is not doing it, maybe you could get a loaner dCS remote from the shop, to see if it is the remote that is the problem (and not the Rossini Player).

It worked! I unplugged power from the player and then plugged it back in. Thanks for the advice! :slight_smile:

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