Integrated remote functions for Roon w/ Vivaldi

Submitted to me by James M:

Unlike the Rossini I was previously using my Vivaldi stack (DAC, Clock, Upsampler) and the remote cannot control some basic Roon functions like pause/unpause and forward and back. It is much simpler to have the remote sitting near by chair to control some Roon functions rather than having to grab my iPad or laptop for these basic functions.

We’ve had some internal discussions about how to do this as the Upsampler currently doesn’t receive and act upon the transport-related IR control codes. This would require some changes to the Upsampler and Transport firmware in order to handle the logic of which device responds to transport commands and when. This becomes quite complicated when the way in which the devices communicate with each other is taken into account.

Can’t make any promises as to whether or not we’ll do this, but it’s on the list to consider for a future update.

Thanks for this.

I hope that you are still considering adding these basic functions for Roon to your Vivaldi remotes going forward.

Agree! I love the Vivaldi One remote… but I don’t really get to use it because I’m using Roon now…

The transport controls should be working with Vivaldi One and Roon. The limitation here is specific to the Vivaldi upsampler.

Has there been any further discussion regarding controlling Roon via Vivaldi remote devices?

I knew going in with the Vivaldi that the remote would be of limited use with a Roon setup, and I am okay with that, but like others here, it sure would be a nice feature add.