dCS Mosaic & Rossini Apex 2.1

Hello everyone, just updated the dCS Mosaic on iOS. According to the update information on iOS App Store, it said support Rossini 2.1. Is it supposed to allow users access to the control of crossfeed and Expanse? While I can access those control by using front panel of my Rossini Apex but not from Mosaic.

Just worry am I did something wrong during the upgrade process of Rossini Apex causing this.

Yes, it does add control of Expanse on Rossini 2.1 through Mosaic. You can read all about it here:

So, using the latest dCS Mosaic v1.41, you need to do a network firmware update of your Rossini.

I found myself like fool, I forgot the network board needs update.

But the update stuck at 0% for 30 minutes after I got an error message when the last attempt just passed 50% for taking like 30 minutes.

Is the machine doing checksum on the last attempt at this moment?

Before you started the update process, did you power cycle your Rossini from the back switch?

Yes, I did that before I clicked the update button.

I am sorry to say, this update is painful than last time.

OK, then I think you have to start all over again, as the update process seems stuck.

So, the upcoming steps are:

  1. Click Cancel on the webpage.
  2. Power cycle the machine
  3. Go the webpage
  4. Click update again

Like this?

Yes, that is how I would do it. Good luck! And let us know if it worked.

It’s very strange that we have to rely on luck to do a simple update.

After 30 minutes, still stuck at 0% downloading while we have no way to know what is happening inside, not even the system log tells. Well, it is strange when the download is so slow, because as I can recall, last time was pretty fast at download.

I have search the dCS website and cannot found any firmware update file, is it network update is all we get to update our products?

I am sorry to hear it does not work.

Yes, updates come over the internet only.

I think it is time you get some help from @Phil or @James .

Yes, as Erno says the updates are all done via the internet and we typically don’t host firmware files online. If you drop us an email at [email protected] we can go through some troubleshooting steps to get you up and running.

I finally finished the 510 network board update, seems the machine finally successful established the connection between it and the update server. Please ignore the email which is asking for help about this issue.