dCS Logo illumination

Should the dCS logo on the Vivaldi Clock be illuminated when the clock is switched on ??

It is up to you. That is why dCS have made it a switchable feature rather than a fixed display.

If having it switched on or off makes you think it makes an audible difference then you don’t need me to tell you to switch it off or on. If you can’t hear any difference then on this particular ground , again, you don’t need advice from someone else.

There is no “right” or “wrong”.

NB: I have all of the logo displays switched off as I want things as inconspicuous as I can make them ( not too successful considering the dominance of my system in the room anyway :smiley:).Your tastes may differ.

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Thanks for the response Pete. I am using the Vivaldi Clock with my Rossini. Rossini allows for the display and the logo to be independently switched on or off. The VC allows for the display to be switched off but I can’t see how to switch on the logo. The logo has been off since I got the VC a few months ago so I wondered if it was possible to switch it on or perhaps the LED has gone ?

The logos do not light up on the Vivaldi, they’re just printed. This seems to be something that started with the Rossini.

Jeff, thanks for the clarification.

The matter of the illuminated logo came up a couple of years ago:

As you will see the dCS answer is there ought to be logo illumination selection in the Display menu. I still have this on my Rossini CD SACD transport which is the newest component. However the option is now missing on all of the Vivaldi boxes. Only the DAC has had a hardware upgrade so the ability to illuminate at least ought to still work on Wordlock and Upsampler and I will guess that the hardware for it still exists in the DAC.

So, at first glance, this looks like an error being available on some components and not on others. If it is a deliberate policy then it needs to be consistent.

Can we some information for dCS on this ?

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Phill Harris ??

Hi All,

Vivaldi One, Rossini and Bartok have switchable logo illumination,

Vivaldi DAC, Upsampler, Clock and Transport do not have illuminated logos,



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