dCS Debussy DAC to dCS network bridge clock cable

Can anyone recommend a 1M cable clock under $50.00?

See my response to a similar question on 16th September:

Why not use digital cables that Abbey Road and the BBC use? Van Damme Plasma 75ohm with BNC connectors. In my experience significantly better then anything I have tried excepting one or two brands costing well in excess of £1K per meter.

It comes in various colours too which is very helpful in identifying which cable is which in a multi-box dCS installation.

Order custom made for you with your choice of colour, length, connector boot and even a label if you want,from around £11.50 per terminated metre.

I suppose I need to say that I have no relationship with either the cable company or supplier other than being a customer.


Neutrik BNC to BNC Lead. Van Damme 75ohm Plasma Coax Cable. CCTV Video SPDIF

High quality 75ohm BNC leads made using Neutrik twist lock BNCs and Van Damme Plasma grade coax. These cables will work used as Video interconnects and also SPDIF or word clock.

Price: 10.37

DaveCDavid Cressy

See here

I followed this advice a month or so back. We are delighted with the cable - an excellent cost effective choice.

As there is a change in impedance at the point where the cable meets the connector a partial reflection of the signal is caused. Ideally this needs to be attenuated within the cable. The majority of advice that I have seen calculates that 1.5m is the preferable minimum length for this reason.

I would regard the above just as a rule of thumb however as it can only be an approximation at best. The connector does not maintain an ideal 75 ohm impedance nor does the chassis connector that it mates with nor does any hook up wire used to reach he PC board.

I do have some Apogee Wyde Eye but I audibly prefer ( for some reason ) the Van Damme Plasma that I recommend. But, of course, YMMV.

Very pleased that you like my recommendation. Aside from its sonic and cost attributes the fact it is available in several colours is particularity handy especially if you are crawling around behind your equipment rack ( as I was last week), figuring which clock cable goes where between a three box Vivaldi DAC/|Clock/Paganini transport and a Network Bridge especially given the 2 clock rate groups !

Thanks for the response. Should have noted I’m in the US and would like an option that doesn’t require shipping from overseas.

I don’t need an expensive cable as the clock in the network bridge won’t make much of a difference (If any) connected to the Debussy.

If you are not using a wordclock then the network bridge should in theory be slaved to the Debussy and not vice versa. The most accurate timing should be at the point of conversion i.e at the ring DAC in the Debussy. Other dCS DACs allow for them to be used as the master e.g. the transport slaved to the DAC if there is no wordclock box in the system. However my reading of the Debussy manual indicates no wordclock out facility. The wordclock out port on the Network Bridge is really intended for use with SDIF connection which the Debussy does not have. Overall I would not necessarily expect a benefit.

In general the quality of the wordclock cable will make some sort of difference. I would advise not using the very cheap 75 ohm BNC cables. They will pass the clock signal but if you are bothering at all to address clocking then it is best not to throw the baby out with the bath water by underestimating the effect of the cable on the resulting sound.