Connecting Bartok to TV/Blu-ray

Currently awaiting delivery of a new Bartok and looking for advice on the best way to connect TV/Blu-ray and any suggestions for suitable cables

It’s worth pointing out that there have been problems reported using LG and Samsung TVs.

That does sound a pain. I have a Samsung TV.
I may just use my existing sound bar for TV.

I assume should be no such issues with my Panasonic Blu-ray player.
Which is the best input on the Bartok for Blu-ray?

The Bartók only accepts digital audio in stereo, not multi channel.

Unless your BluRay player has AES out, that leaves 2 options on Bartók:

  1. 2x SPDIF on 1x RCA Phono and 1x BNC connectors. Each will accept PCM at up to 24 bit 192kS/s or DSD/64 in DoP format.
  2. 1x SPDIF optical on a Toslink connector will accept PCM at up to 24 bit 96kS/s.

As you can see, option 1) has the widest signal quality. It now depends on what your BluRay player is capable to output/ which digital output(s) it offers.

Although Bartok will accept 24/192 on RCA or 24/96 on optical connection unfortunately I am unsure if a Blu Ray player will output those resolutions on such ports.

Given the usual line up of output ports on current Panasonic players it looks like the answer to the OP’s question can only be Toslink.

Thanks for the advice.
Optical does appear to be the only option.
I assume I just set the Blu-ray to output PCM?

Yes, that would be the case.

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Exactly, just set the output to PCM and use optical.
I highly recommend the DH Labs Glassmaster Toslink cable. You can borrow one from the Cable Company if you are in the US. It made a very meaningful improvement for my system vs. a stock optical cable.

Thanks again to all.