Brand new Rossini DAC crashed

Half an hour ago my brand new Rossini DAC crashed big time :scream:

It was just on standby, not in use, no music playing. Suddenly it rapidly started itself to shut down, start up, shut down, start up etc.

I was beside it, so immediately shut it down with the power button at the back. I waited some minutes, and flipped it back on. It only showed me this:

Still from a video:

Vertical green stripes moving around its display, from left to right. That is all. Bricked.

There was no thunderstorm, and all other electronics are working as they should. Tomorrow I will contact my dealer, to see what can be done.

I am VERY disappointed, waiting for 9 weeks to get it, and it did not even make it for 2 weeks.

Erno, sorry if you have been hoisted by your own petard ( One of our more obscure British idioms) in another thread:

[quote=“Ermos, post:8, topic:3073”]
Not so much the gear itself is faulty, but its underlying ignorance of the user’s experience to deal with it.

It is often not user-friendly: not easy to learn, use, understand, or deal with.

So it seems to be your fault :grin:.

Seriously, I am concerned at the number of faulty new dCS products reported here.

Thanks mate for your sarcasm :nauseated_face:

Yes but you let yourself into it. However I do make a serious point in the final sentence.

That’s horrible news, Erno — I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope that dCS and your dealer find a way to sort you out quickly, and put you back ahead of where you were, not just where you were two weeks ago.

Problems like this can really take the shine off what should be a wonderful experience. I hope that’s not the case for you. You deserve a Rossini that sings!

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Thanks Ben, currently I am going through the worst experience with audio gear in over 50 years, with one of the most expensive purchases I ever did, apart from professional audio gear.

Oh no, that[s] terrible! I expect your Dealer/dCS should replace the unit.


Thank you Anup, I will report here what my dealer suggests, and if/ what dCS will respond.

A certain scientist on a recent thread about digital reliability would probably say QED at this point.

Sorry to learn about your experience, this is utterly unacceptable and frankly should be embarrassing to dCS. Hope you’ll get it replaced/sorted out quickly.

Have you tried performing a factory reset? I know the display is on the fritz, but you can probably figure out the procedure by pressing buttons on the front panel. Does it respond to the app so you can reset from there?

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Here’s the factory reset button procedure from powered on


Right arrow 3 times


Right arrow 4 times


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I think I need to explain that a factory reset does not fix anything like a system reset might . All it does is to return the options e.g. filter choices, display brightness etc. to the values they had when leaving the factory. Erno has already tried refreshing the system using that rear power button on/off.

I really feel for him even though we have both noticed the irony regarding his comments elsewhere about reliability. To me it looks like the type of firmware/hardware failure that lies outside of the kind of issue that can be solved here and that it will require action from the dealer/distributor/dCS route. I am sure that Erno will keep us advised as to the response.

Well it’s certainly disappointing then. Best wishes to you Erno, hope you’ll get it sorted out quickly.

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That really sucks. So sorry.

@Ermos is Mosaic able to access it in any way?

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But what are your impressions before it died?

Nothing really ironic just a coincidence.

Be damned if I will!

So I’ll just say - ouch, genuinely sorry to hear that. And better luck with sorting this out than I have had.

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This early morning, after a sleepless night, having left my Rossini disconnected from the grid, just to give it one more try, I reconnected it and flipped it back on.

To my big surprise it just started up normally. I felt relieved. And played some music. After about 15 minutes it crashed again, music stopped and the green lines reappeared on the display.

I managed to download the system logs before the second crash.

It does not respond to whatever front panel button, and @andrewt Mosaic cannot find or access it, nor can I connect from its IP address.

My dealer is coming to pick up my Rossini this afternoon, and I will get a loaner Bartók.

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I can imagine your intense disappointment it crashed again after briefly appearing to have been one of those faults that seem to right themselves. I am upset on your behalf.

As I mentioned earlier this isn’t likely to be the kind of issue where a solution can realistically be expected to be found here ( I would speculate that it is a control board failure).

As I was writing this you posted about your dealer coming swiftly to deal with the issue. What kind of reaction there was from him was going to be my next question. At least you are getting a loan machine while things are sorted out.

Latest news: I will get a new Rossini, which is in production now, and it will be delivered to me end of this week, or early next week! That soothes the pain.