Bartok's streamer freeze with new expanse mode


With the new expanse mode for headphone amp, my Bartok quite often freezes if I use the NETWORK input (BTW, I use Roon to pilot the Bartok).
I took a picture (here below) where it can be seen the screen is all messed up, with a worrying “Waiting for DDR OK 00000019” message appearing between the artist and title lines.
No issue if I use the USB input only.

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As other query today this looks like Roon issue and I hope that one of our friends here with Roon expertise can pick up on this.

Whether the problem is a Roon related issue or not, the Bartok should never choke and freeze like that !
Here, there’s nothing else to do than totally switch it off and reboot.
Also, I wasn’t having this issue before the latest Bartok update.
BTW, the tune is streamed from Qobuz for the ones willing to try…

Thanks as I do not run Roon and have no familiarity with it I will leave to others with the expertise.

Just to clarify; in this example are you streaming directly from Qobuz via one of their players or are you streaming from the Mosaic Qobuz option or are you streaming from the Roon Qobuz integration?

I’m using Qobuz integration in Roon (hence I’m using Roon), and never got the issue before the latest Bartok “Expanse update”.

Did you try to reinstall Mosaic 1.1.1 using the recommended procedure? (first reboot Bartók with switching off - wait 30 sec - switch on through rear switch / then do the update / then power back on Bartok from rear switch, just 1 time, not on/ off)

I also use Roon (with Tidal) with Bartók on 1.1.1 and never had this issue.

Chiming in with no issues here either. I’ve replicated as much of your setup as I can, Erwan (Bartók, Ethernet connection only, part of a mesh network — though Eeros in my case — Qobuz via Roon, same track.

No probs here. Are all of your Roon devices up to date also?

Thanks Ben, yes all Roon devices are up to date.

Thanks Ermos, I’ll try that.

I didn’t know you could reinstall — does the Bartók allow a reinstall even when it should consider itself up-to-date (I’m assuming we’re talking about putting 1.1.1 over the top of 1.1.1)?

I think it goes like this:

First retrieve the device logfiles, so you can communicate them with dCS:

Then you can do a factory reset of the device. A reset of the device option is available on the same screen as the log file download, see link above. Delete Mosaic app on iOS or Android device. Reinstall Mosaic app, and do a 1.1.1 firmware update as described above.

Hi Erwan,

I have responded to your dCS website enquiry on this issue and the audio glitches. Having all the info in one place (the email thread) will be easier to deal with than two forum threads, so if you could respond there that would be great.