Bartok suddenly turns itself On


Anyone know why my Bartok suddenly turns itself On? No one but my wife and I in the house and she’s scared of the equipment. Happens about 2 or 3 times a week, often overnight, but not exclusively.


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I have the same. First I thought the IR sensor was picking up some stray signals, but even after blocking the front sensor it is still happening, as you describe.

Not that I have an answer for this strange occurrence, but if anyone like wife is spooked by this, maybe it is best to configure display settings to OFF or flick the manual switch to OFF at the back until resolved.

Hi Bernard,

Welcome to the dCS forum, and thanks for your post. I have a few questions (this could also apply to you too @Ermos ) please feel free to answer at your own convenience:

-Is the Bartok ‘waking’ itself from sleep mode/standby or ‘switched off’?
-Does the unit ‘wake’ with a different input selected to when it was put into standby?

It wakes from Stand By.
I’ve seen the Spotify green icon on the screen most times but can’t say if this was always the last mode I had been using., sorry.
Fwiw, no one in the house uses Spotify on their phone overnight.

Also my Bartók wakes itself from standby, and stays on the same input selected, Network.

To add:

  • This happened from day 1, before the introduction of Mosaic
  • When on, it does not switch itself off
  • it happens randomly, during the day and the night
  • it happens independently whether the attached network server is on or off
  • my Bartók is Roon Endpoint only, over ethernet cable. No other services or wireless access installed or used

Hi Ben

Count me as one more who observes this phenomenon.

My Bartok only has the network input connected and when it spontaneously wakes from standby it is still on the network input.

I’ll unplug the network cable and connect it via USB and let you know if I still see it waking up …


It just happened again: my Bartók switched itself on from standby mode.

Immediately after I have downloaded the device logfiles. Maybe something is showing there that might point to the reason of auto switch on.

If someone from dCS staff is interested, please just let me know, and I can PM a copy of the packaged device logfiles for further analysis.

FWIW, mine turned On last evening while I was watching TV.
It seems like each time, I had been listening through the networked Spotify app.
I always see the green badge when I go to turn it back to sleep mode.

Thanks Bernard.

I do not have or use Spotify, so that cannot be the (sole) reason of auto switch on.

Please send me a copy of the logfile package. Thanks!

Done! Attaching did not work, so I sent you a download link.

Got it. Thanks!

Is this a wake-on-lan issue?

No, we’re investigating the root cause.

I’ve had this issue a few times too. I use Qobuz Hi-Rez streaming (easily the best streaming SQ in my experience). The issue occurs if I pause a track - because the phone rings or something. Then I’m called away, so I put the Bartok on standby. Several times I’ve noticed, usually the next day, the unit has turned itself on again - just showing the ‘network’ input on the display.

I seem to have got round this by ensuring that I delete the queue and come out of Qobuz before I put the Bartok on standby. Then it seems to sleep peacefully…

Hi Martin,

Welcome to the dCS community!

Thanks for contributing on this issue.

I play local and Tidal tracks, only through Roon, and always close Roon before putting the Bartok on standby. I still have the issue.

P.S. It just happened again. I have a new logfile package available, should dCS staff @Andrew need it.

I don’t need any more logs. We’ve tracked the issue down and are deciding on the best way to address it.

Thanks :+1:t2: Good job, and I look forward to the outcome.

My theory was Deus ex machina. Or gremlins.