Bartok sometime is not responding (hang up)

I always put the Bartok in standby mode when not listening. And I am waking it up by playing a song from ROON. I found that sometime, the Bartok is not responding. From ROON, the Bartok cannot be found. Then I try to press the power button on the front panel, the key doesn’t function. Seem like it hung up. I can only use the power key at the back to restart it.

Similar situation also happen while playing. Although it is still playing music, when I want to switch song from ROON, Bartok can’t be selected. Even though I want to use the front panel to switch to another input, e.g. SPDIF 3, the Bartok is not responding. Actually no key is responding. What I can do is restart it by the power button at the back.

Although it is not happen often, probably once per week or by-weekly, does anyone have similar experience. Or any hints to resolve it if it is just my own problem.

Thanks, Alex

Alex there are several reports of similar occurrences. For example:

In most cases the problem lies not with the Bartok but with the network especially the router or the router configuration. I am no network expert but if you use the search facility here and just enter “Bartok Hang” you should find lots of examples and suggested remedies.However I am unsure about this in respect of a total freeze of the Bartok where no commands work even from the fascia buttons.

One thing that may help in the future will be v.1.1.1 of Mosaic ( apparently to appear “shortly” but we have been awaiting it for quite a time so far). This will have an improved “discover” function which will improve connectivity. However I do not know how that will affect things if you are using Roon, about which I am pretty ignorant, but I assume that you use Roon remote for control?

I have similar experiences. I also have to turn off Bartók from time to time with the button on the rear panel because no other solution works. It seems to me that this is some problem in the network card that is implemented in Bartok. It crashes from time to time. Hopefully Mosaic 1.1.1 will also include a firmware update for Bartók network card. However, now, when the lockdown in GB starts on Thursday, everything will probably be delayed and maybe on the anniversary of Mosaic 1.1.0 we will be able to enjoy its successor.
Regards Robert Tota

Thanks a lot. Let me observe if there are irregular in my network as well.