Bartok not responding

Mosaic requesting update, updates is not responding. Bartok not contenting to Roon sever. Recently updated Roon, today.
Thanks John


Sorry that you are having trouble. If you haven’t done so already please power cycle your Bartok from the rear panel switch and try again.

If the issue continues then there are two likely causes:

  • Something on your network is not allowing your Bartok to communicate with the Internet and also blocking communication with your Roon Core.
  • There’s an error condition inside your unit which is causing some needed parameters not to be set and this is impacting its ability to properly contact the update server and start the Roon module.

When you have a moment can you please send me the log package from your device. Instructions for log downloading are provided in the Mosaic FAQ.

Also please describe your network setup including the various bits of network hardware in use as well as how the various components are connected to the network.

Hi Andrew and thanks for responding so quickly.
The problem seems to be corrected. It may have been as simple as powering it down this morning from back, which I forgot to do last night.