Bartok Missing "r"

I have had my dCS Bartok over a year, and just noticed that it is missing the engraving of an “r” in “Power”.

This will diminish the value upon resale. How do we fix this?

See this. If your Bartok is only a year old it may still be under warranty:

Thanks, Pete. Not sure why I didn’t notice it before; I guess my brain just filled in the “r”. :thinking:

OMG! :astonished: It hasn’t rubbed off, it’s actually missing. Just checked my new Bartók, the ‘R’ is there.

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The front panels of dCS are not engraved, but silk-screened.

Indeed I assume you could get some kind of refund or warranty, unless you feel you are the proud owner of a collector’s item dCS Batók (-r).


You mean like the postage stamp with the upside /down airplane?

Let’s see what dCS support has to say.

I don’t mean to say you should feel happy (as a Bartók headphone DAC owner I would not), but just in case: you could be owning a fortune :grinning: Or, in your case, a fotune (-r).

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Just use the button, don’t “use” the frontpanel.
My old Rossini DAC: