Power decal rubbing off

Question for the team, is it possible that i could get a new grey power decal for my rossini, as mine is rubbing away. I see it looks just like a transfer and was hoping i could just replace it myself?


Do you mean the word “Power” adjacent to the power button on the fascia?

I am not from the team I am afraid but If it is as above then I would expect that it is not a transfer but , as typical with many components, is screen printed onto the fascia in the same single process as all of the other text and icons. So, if I am correct that may mean replacing the fascia to fix. This would be very expensive if out of warranty.

Checking against my Rossini Transport, the wear suggests that your fingers may be wide enough to press the button and touch the fascia at the same time. Your skin may also be unusually acid. If so and you fix it then it will just return to the same state after some time as you use it. The same goes for the print on the remote if you have this.

Yeah, I have the same problem but around the ‘Input’ button - it seems the silk screen printing on the Rossini is not all that robust. I’ve asked dCS support about this and you are right, the only approved way of fixing this is replacing the fascia. Too expensive for my taste, so I guess I’ll have to live with it. (I did improve it a little by touching it up a bit with a Sharpie - but that’s not a REAL fix of course, I’m not that good of an artist…)

Not just Rossini but just about all screen printed metal items that come in for a lot of handling. I have this issue with a number of remotes. Fortunately my fingers are small enough not to hit the print when pressing the button ( you know what they say about men with small hands…yes, small gloves). The answer has to be better and more durable ink formulations. Knowing dCS and their quest for ultimate quality they are probably using the current SOTA.

They should engrave the lettering, like some Japanese manufacturers do. The fascias are CNC milled; how much extra would it cost to engrave those few texts?!?

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The Paganini series did have engraved lettering. Bloody hard to read though!

Well, you do have to fill in the engraved letters with something black of course :wink: (or white on black fascias) - then it’s easy to see!

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Well i can certainly get the decal made local and stick it on, was just hoping that dcs might have a solution for this, looks like thats not an option and a shame.
Maybe they look into this and provide a transfer kit? As it looks like i am not the only one

I would certainly appreciate that!

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Anyone from DCS care to join in?

Well looks like, no official comment is coming on this.
So looks like i will have to try and sort it myself

This is just to add that the dCS Community forum is not the only route available to deal with issues. There are, for example, your dCS dealer and also the dCS distributor for your country.

Further up you can read that I already asked dCS Support for this - and they did answer that in their eyes, the only fix was to replace the entire front panel. So, if that’s their reaction, what do you expect the dealer and/or distributor could possibly do?

My comment was in response to Duncan’s apparent resignation given that he feels that he has run out of road.

There are points that have not been covered in respect of Duncan’s issue, for example warranty which he would need to discuss with the distributor.