Aurender N20 clocked

Any experience with the new Aurender N20? I’m especially interested to learn if anyone has used it clocked to a dcs master clock.

I know that Aurender specifically identifies dCS clocks as compatible with their equipment. Arthur, do you already own your N20?

No. Actually just learned of it. And as I recently added the Vivaldi clock, thought it might be a meaningful improvement in SQ. I use the N10 now.

So, you’re feeding the DAC through what input with your N10? Personally, you’d be better off getting an Upsampler and switching over to Ethernet.

Apologies: should have stated I am running Vivaldi DAC, UPS and Clock (recently added). Running the N10 into the UPS using an Audioquest USB cable (Diamond I think). Do you think linking the N10 to the UPS by Ethernet is preferable? Thanks!

Thanks for the additional info. I don’t think you can run the N10 into the UpS via Ethernet. Unless I am misreading the specs, I don’t think the N10 streams over Ethernet. I know it can receive streams and copy files via its RJ45 jack, but the specs suggest it does not output digital music via the Ethernet port. That seems really odd to me, and a severe feature miss by Aurender. Why would they do that?

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Arthur, there was another recent thread where the N20 was discussed, probably addresses some of what you’re asking; USB Reclocker before dCS Rossini+Clock :smiley:

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Many thanks Greg and Anup!

Aurender have always done it like this and as they dont use Roon or DLNA no way to use it on the network and connect other audio equipment that way. It is just a server/streamer that connects to DAC via USB, AES or SPDIF.

The top model W20SE supports dual AES to dCS and also have a RS232 dongle to switch word clock frequency according to what is played.

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Yeah, I know. I grok the Roon decision, but completely dissing on network, well, it’s their business, I suppose. It’s what originally turned me away from what is, in reality, and solely IMHO, just an overpriced server/streamer limited to USB, AES, & SPDIF. I thought for sure they would have at least gotten into some form of network playback. But no: in order to work, the Aurender must be connected to a network for its iPad controller. But beyond that, it’s just a file transfer capability and Tidal/Qobuz reception. As part of my quick research on Arthur’s question, I read through various Aurender manuals. For all the gushing about their interface I have read elsewhere, I can see that software development is challenging them just like others. Setup, interface, and maintenance are kludgy.