Aurender and dCS

Hello All,
Contemplating the substitution of my current ROON box (nucleus) using a network connection with an Aurender but it appears the Aurender output to the Bartok are spdif and usb…Digital balanced, etc…no network input.
Anyone using these streamers and, if so, your recommends for digital inputs. USB, BNC or XLR…seems anything other than Ethernet.

Hello Warren. What is it you hope to gain by substituting the Aurender for the Nucleus? Aurender’s lack of network streaming has been discussed in this forum elsewhere, so you might want to look for those tidbits. Here is one and another. For me, that lack of network playback, and the closed software system, makes Aurender both overpriced and DOA.


Just musing about the possible change…hear fairly continual reports that the sound quality is better (or significantly better) using an Aurender…I am aware of the limitations to network capacity and lack of a network digital output but just want to weight my options. Also discovered that the Aurender app works directly with my Constellation Preamp for volume, etc…not an overwhelming feature but a positive feature nevertheless less.
ROON 1.8 has dramatically improved their user experience in this last update so this also has to be considered.

Had an Aurender N10 for a few years but didn’t find it’s SQ all that impressive and, as Greg indicated, it lacks all the capabilities a music server should offer these days, rather than a closed environment. But it does come down to what you want in an audio system source. It’s a good start if you’re coming from vinyl, since that doesn’t afford any network zone option either.


Well, that preamp control might be a very nice feature.

And there’s the rub. Ethernet is the preferred dCS input.

Thanks for the comments…I generally agree with points raised excepting the reported bump in SQ.

Follow the network way with dCS. I tried N10 (USB/SPDIF) with my Bartok some time ago, but prefer internal streamer.
And today I tried two Farad Super3 LPSs for EtheRegen and 10MHz W/clock connected to ER - this is a big increase. And much cheaper than Aurender :slight_smile:

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Which clock are you using? I have a stock ER it’s great but I’m always looking for ways to spend more money apparently :rofl:

something from Ali Express :grinning:

the kit was given to me by my friend for a few days, what kind of chip is inside I do not know

I had the Aurender W20. More connections than you could shake a stick at.
Quality very good but below Vivaldi level. As easy to use as chips - great app

Except for digital output over network. For me, that’s a pretty significant omission.

Not sure what you want to achieve. My W20 went in to the Upsampler

Not being obtuse. This topic has been discussed in this forum more than once. Aurender does not output over network. It can receive over network, but it is not a network server/streamer. Simple. For me, that’s not a limitation; it’s a deal-breaker.

Dual AES/EBU and clocking are nice, but they don’t solve for the absence of network streaming. My “humble” little Roon Nucleus+ does, and it can serve multiple DACs, AppleTVs, iPhones/iPads at the same time. For about 1/10 the cost. And it has a larger storage capacity. Doesn’t have clocking, because it doesn’t need it. Though it doesn’t have AES/EBU output, let alone dual, which is a nice feature.

This is one issue on which you have very strong opinions but isn’t a reply to the initial question posed.

No, but it’s a direct reply to Richard’s post. If I were to no longer have network playback ability, I would choose the AES/EBU inputs. Cheers!

I can easily envision a system with both…Roon when looking for distributed music and an Aurrender (if proven to sound better) for more "serious listening…dual AES and network alternating

Spending those kinds of $, I would upgrade from Bartok first.

You’re tenacious, I’ll grant you that

This has nothing to do with my views on network playback. Regardless of which input you use, the money for a top level Aurender will, I submit, make a much bigger impact on your system if you spend it on an upgrade to Rossini or even Vivaldi [subject to all the puts and takes on that course we’ve discussed in various threads].

P.S. I ended up demo’ing three “extreme servers,” though not the Aurender, for the very reason you state in your OP: I’d been told they would make a “huge” difference. Perhaps to someone else’s ears, they do, and they might for yours. But I remain a convinced skeptic.

The aurender w20 is a nice bit of kit. If you are below Vivaldi it is good and very useful. If you have Vivaldi - the aurender is not worth anything to your system