Adding live radio stations

How do you add radio stations url’s when they are known but are not in the given listing.? I thought there was a search section where you could add url’s but I cannot find it now! I ask as I have lost a couple of stations and have no idea why. There yesterday gone today as it were and there not in the history file. I am using a Rossini.

The radio offering with dCS products is supplied by a third party. Their product is subject to change and I also have found disappearing stations ( only to reappear later). See this earlier thread on the subject ( you need to click the blue hyperlink to see Andrew’s response):

Listening RadioParadise @ AAC 320 kb/s for me is a no go !

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Thank you for the info on disappearing stations but how do add stations not on the list? I am fairly elderly and listen to stations that will not necessarily be that popular. I am of course thankful for the stations supplied as it enables me to give an alternative to my customers or friends.

Just for clarification are we talking about Mosaic v.1.1.0 used in conjunction with your Rossini?

Could you give me some examples of stations that you want to add just so I can check if I am able to find them.

There is no “add” function in the Mosaic radio app. The stations are populated in the app by a third party aggregator and if a station is not there then dCS can request the aggregator to add it but the outcome is not guaranteed.

Some months ago Andrew Papanikolas of dCS did mention to me in one of the older threads here that there may be a way of adding radio station URLs to MinimServer, should you be using it as your UPnP server.I wanted to add the high data rate versions of the BBC national radio stations other than Radio 3 ( the others are in MP3 only in Mosaic even though all are available on the web as 320Kb/S AAC ). I really need to follow this up.

Perhaps Andrew could add a comment when he next returns to this forum?

Hi Peter

Just to confirm that I am using V 1.1.0 in conjunction with the Rossini and clock. I am relieved to hear that there is no current add function as was beginning to think that I was beginning to lose the plot. I thought that we had an add function in the earlier version of radio. I am sure I populated it with what appealed to me but then at 81 years old what the hell do I know! One of the programs that I lost was ABC Lounge Webradio which was carried over from earlier. If you cannot find it no worries. I did not want to tell a potential customer/friends that you can add stations when you can’t, that is unless they are on the provided listing within the program. I would mention that I do have a work around by using Roon “MY Live Radio” and while that is OK, I think that the listening quality is marginally better on the dCS. Be that as it may, it’s a pity to say the least and gives the wrong impression to have to swop programs for a radio station. Please do not take this as carp at dCS I think the Rossini and clock gives level of performance that is stunning for the price point. Of course the Vivaldi serries is better but the that is at a different price point. If there is a work around within the dCS environment that would be nice to know. But in fairness it has to be a simple fix as most of my customers and friends do not speak computerise. They would take one look and walk away. To end many thanks for the comeback I do appreciate it.



Hi Tony,

Yes, so much if today’s audio is unintelligible to those of us brought up in a world without computers ( I am a mere child of 70).

ABC Lounge Radio is included in the listings on Mosaic. You can use the “search” icon at the bottom right of the screen. I just entered “ABC” and scrolled down through the menu where, of course you will find all of the ABC Australia national broadcaster stations, then there follows ABC genre stations of which Lounge Music is the sixth down.

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At this point there is no mechanism to add a custom URL for a radio station. We have this on our list of things to explore but I don’t know when or if we’ll implement it.

As mentioned prior we use a third party for the radio catalogue and are somewhat at their mercy for the content of their database. It’s rare that they’ll make an error and remove content, but there have been a few instances where the geo-restriction for a particular station has changed and they’re forced to remove it from the library for certain geographies.

Many thanks for the heads up. I have had a lot of help from PAR and I am a lot wiser now. In fact with his help I have realized that I was not using the site correctly. In fairness there are a huge amount of stations available, sadly very few that are flac encoded but that’s life and not the fault of the site. As I said many thanks.


I had an issue tonight with the network bridge when I couldn’t pause the radio and mosaic got unresponsive and basically i couldn’t turn it off or switch to another source (like qobuz etc). I had to switch the NB from the switch at the back. Anyone else had this? Thank you.

OK but that isn’t quite the subject of this thread which is about adding new radio stations. Your question is about the Mosaic control app not responding.

Your problem sounds like a network problem rather than a dCS one. It sounds like the Bridge or the device running Mosaic lost connection with the network ( or vice versa). Too difficult to add more of use from my remote location.

As with 90% of computer related questions the solution may be to reboot. Which is what you did.