DIsappearing Radio in Mosaic

This is the second time that I have had this problem. Open Radio then Favourites in the Android version of Mosaic and all of my saved stations have disappeared. When it happened the first time I repopulated it from the list in Local Stations. This time when I opened Local Stations, Trending, By Region/UK, Mosaic returned “Nothing Found”. I found some of my missing stations in “History” but with one other station that I have never listened to!

Any suggestions?

The favorites are handled by the radio service itself. Your dCS device sends a unique identifier with each request and that’s used by airable to associate radio and podcast favorites / history back to you. You’re likely running into an issue where your ID is getting lost in their database which is causing the favorites list to clear and the history to get weird.

The issue that you’re seeing with getting back “Nothing Found” for the automatic lists (local, trending, and region) is likely due to a glitch on their side since those lists are dynamically generated. I would recommend revisiting tomorrow as this could just be a temporary glitch on their end.

We’ve investigated being able to bookmark stations locally so as to avoid issues popping up when the back-end service has a glitch, but there are some technical hurdles to making that happen due to the fact that the radio catalog lives in a state of flux and does change frequently. We don’t have a solution yet, but it’s something that we want to pursue.

I just upgraded to v. 1.0.2 and all of my radio stations returned! So it looks like my ID was found again by the radio integration service. That may, of course, just be a coincidence.

NB: I have one or two small comments on 1.0.2 but am unsure where to post them.

If they’re questions about how to use a function or if you’re having problems then Support, otherwise dCS Products is a pretty good target for general comments.