About Minimserver connecting to NBR

I installed Miniserver on the PC and successfully connected to NBR (not through the switch), and used another network card to control the playback, but the playback was not smooth. What is the reason?

The connection through the switch is completely normal, doesn’t NBR support Minimserver direct communication?

The dCS Network Bridge does not care where your MinimServer is located as long as it is within the same Ethernet multicast domain; that domain can be a direct Ethernet connection, or via an Ethernet switch, it does not matter.

Sounds like you have some other problem in your setup. It’s not because of the dCS Network Bridge.

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Can you tell me what else is wrong with my settings? It has been successfully connected and can be played normally, but the playback is very choppy, and it is almost impossible to listen to music normally.

Unfortunately I don’t know what else is wrong with your settings as I have no idea what they are :man_shrugging:t2:

I can tell you though the NwB’s network port is very straight forward and simple, and based on your description above, the most likely culprit is your PC.

As I suggested in the earlier thread, trying to connect the dCS platform directly to your Server without access for a rendering control-point is just complicating your life for no tangible benefit (other than one of confirmation bias) :laughing:

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It is completely normal for the PC to connect to the NBR through the network switch. I think it may be caused by the NBR only receiving a certain connection protocol of the network switch. Can the DCS technician help me solve this problem, thanks

Please see;

“Bridged” network configurations

There are a number of threads on internet forums which discuss a specific network configuration in which the streamer is directly connected to the server without the use of a switch. These are typically referred to as bridged connections and are claimed to be beneficial for “isolation” of “network noise.”

When configured as described these setups have an impact ranging from nothing to complete inability for the streaming device to function. Due to the way that networks actually work this configuration has no possible way of making a positive impact and should be filed under a rather long list of dubious audiophile tweaks.

dCS does not support these “bridged” or “isolated” connection schemes and will not be able or willing to provide assistance in cases where this connection method is used.