About NAS connecting to DCS NBR

I am going to buy a NAS recently. I want to know if Synology NAS can be directly connected to NBR without a switch like Melco. If possible, I will buy it. Thanks

Nicholas, not to be impolite, but I think you’re asking the same question in a different way that was already answered previously;

Just to reiterate the main points from that thread;

  1. dCS explicitly recommends that you do not do this, and they will not provide any support to get it working that way
  2. Even if you get it working, you’re not going to experience any sonic benefit from doing so
  3. You’re going to complicate access for Mosaic Control

Points 2., and 3. are from my own personal experience of doing exactly what you’re trying to do. Additionally, if you’re trying to avoid a network switch in-between because you think it’ll be somehow less “noisy”, a typical NAS is far worse! Connecting it directly back-to-back with your NBR is a bad idea. :persevere:

That said, while nobody can provide you with a “guarantee” you can get it working, if you know what you’re doing and pick the right Synology NAS models, its quite trivial to get it working back-to-back with an NBR because many Synology NASes support dual Ethernet with Routing/Virtual switching, and DHCP server functionality. See the Synology Networking section KB;


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[I’m quoting Anup, but I’m actually responding to Nicholas.]

This says it all. If one thinks that a compliant switch is something to be avoided, why would you want to expose your Bridge to the sort of junk that an NAS can generate? Realistically, neither one is a big concern over a decent network, but if that’s the goal, how will a direct connection between NAS and Bridge help you out? There are much easier ways to isolate any noise from the upstream network, like fiber or an isolation device. And those won’t complicate your setup and control.

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If you want a direct connection, why not just connect a large bus-powered SSD on the USB port and play from there? Pardon me if dcs doesn’t support usb storage devices but I believe that they do.

I third what Anupc and Greg wrote above, you’re just complicating matters for no tangible benefit by doing a nas direct Ethernet connect.


The reason why not is the management for replay of the files stored on the SSD. You can only navigate the files linearly having no search facility etc. as an external USB SDD ( or HDD) drive does not contain the computer which is needed to do this. You would need to connect the drive to a computer running a media player application to get full functionality. And that is another can of worms.

That 5V bus may also may not offer sufficient power for larger external USB drives ( USB 2 bus will provide 0.5A but some drives need <2A thus requiring an external PS).

Further USB is not the best sounding interface anyway .

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I see. Thanks for the info.

Edit: are you saying that if the files are placed in a tree-like folder structure, say artist folders are first tier, album folders within respective artists are second tier, and files within album folders third tier, dCS will still expose one long contiguous list of files, no folder navigation?

Additionally, about that power draw, SSD drives should be fine with that current limit for normal playback; they draw more current when writing or erasing, which I don’t think can be done from the dCS since you mention it’s got virtually no file management capability. I will experiment with this later today if I can, using a bus-powered external SSD drive on which I’ll place some files in the structure mentioned above.


I have a NB connected to a SOTM SNH-10G router, the source side. The NB is connected to a Vivaldi Dac the other side. I also connected the router to a NAS ( QNAP HS-453DX-8G).
It works great, flawlessly, never an issue. The Nas runs a Roon server, but I use both Roon and Mosaic.
If there is noise, or whatever that can ruin the sound quality…well, I wish everyone such a ruined sound quality :slight_smile:
Hope it helps.

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As I understand things with a USB drive direct into the dCS USB input you should just see a list of the files A-Z ( unsure of the precise structure but I don’t think that you will see a tree like in File Explorer). No folder navigation. USB drive direct into a dCS USB input is viable with a flash drive if, for example, a friend has brought one round with a limited number of files to listen to with you ( depending upon the dCS device).