XLR Output not working (1 channel only?)

After rewiring the CDS Rossini and restaring Rossini, one of the two channels is not working anymore, switching cables results in the fault being Rossini player.

Could there something with the software?

  1. Tried switching (software) channels - only the same LS works
  2. Switching cable at Rossini switches LS
  3. Rossin player bought 2019
  4. Output XLR to power amp (Pass Labs XA30-8)
  5. Up to date software 201 / 201 / 506
  6. S/N RPR51384
  7. Tried restaring: no change
  8. Tried different sources: no change
  9. Software and Mosaic Working

Can you please explain exactly what and how you rewired?

Actually just cleaned under dcs and disconnected cables, put it back again -ie unplugged power, lan, 2 x xlr and then back again

It looks like one of you XLR cables is damaged or not connected well.

Ordered new calbles lets see. Thanks a lot.