Wrong display of files 16/96

just bought whitney houston first album 24/96 hi-res files

using usb-b input

but got this display, 16/96 on a bartók/with headamp

very strange issue,

confirm the files are normal playing on two different dap,

Many media players will display the file resolution from information that they take from the accompanying metadata or properties file or before processing. dCS converters are different and actually count the bit depth and sampling rate being processed. So if your Bartok says it is 16/96 then it is.

" hi-res" as a genre currently has no official way of guaranteeing the provenance of the material similar to the old SPARS code used with CD ( although even that is not 100% reliable). It may be genuine hi-res but much material is simply upsampled from the digital master used to produce the CD. I am guessing that may be the case here and it is feasible that the record label or a vendor may have ordered a 96kHz version from the studio that has the 16/44.1 digital master but has erroneously not specified that the bit depth is to be increased to 24 bit .

Anyway be sceptical about hi-res versions of back catalogue material. Some are what they purport to be but not all.

I have checked the hi-res version of this Whitney Huston album that Qobuz are streaming and that too is showing as 16/96 on my Vivaldi boxes. Mosaic app shows 24/96 being received from Qobuz but once unpacked and sent to the DAC it is 16/96. NB: I have double checked using other newly released albums from Qobuz and they are showing as 24 bit both as received from Qobuz with Mosaic and when processed by Vivaldi. So that confirms 16/96 it is. You may want to complain to the vendor you bought it from or just live with it.

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ok ,
i’ll live with it & enjoy the music

I still wonder what DISH Network is doing in their boxes such that the PCM datastream is reported as 17/48. :confused: