Wireless adapter usage

I have a question on wireless adapter usage.
I am unable to access wired Ethernet close to where I place my system. I was hoping that I can utilize wireless adapter or bridges to solve this problem.
Can the adapter be used with the dCS product i.e. Bartok for streaming Tidal ? I do understand that quality and connectivity could well suffer.

offcourse you can use it. but instead of using wireless adpater or bridge, try using a mesh router such as eero pro.its small and sits flush and connectivity between the eero’s is pretty good and fast.
if you want even more speeds than triband wireless AC, some other options are netgear nighthawk mesh wifi6 mk63 or the new upcoming eero pro wifi 6

and these devices are so good that both quaility and connectivity would not suffer

Another vote for mesh routers. I use the Eeros and they’ve been fantastic. Also means (as I understand it) that I save some faff in needing perfect power (linear PSUs etc.) for the computer kit (NAS, Roon Core etc.) that I keep in another room — there’s no logical way that any AC nasties can reach the DAC, since the signal is wireless until the last steps:

NAS > Roon …wireless… unshielded cable > DAC

Thanks all for replying. I had the mesh router connectivity tested with the Bartok before I had left home 9 months ago and it worked fine.