White noise with MQA on Tidal

i am listening music with a Bartok and a Rossini Clock.
Lately, when i listen MQA on Tidal, there is a white noise all along, and even when i stop.
The noise disappears when a 16/44 track begins.
I don’t know if this problem begun with the last dCS update, i am not sure.
I don’t have problem with hi-resolution files on my server. Only with MQA on tidal.
By advance, thank you for your concern.
From Paris with love,
Tyler Durden.

Hi Tyler and welcome. How are you playing Tidal; from their desktop player, from their browser player, from Roon or using dCS Mosaic app?

Hello Pete,
I am using dCS mosaïc app.

Thanks Tyler. I do not understand “white noise all along”. So am I right that you choose an MQA ( Master) track in Tidal. Hit play and you do not hear any music, all that comes out of your speakers is white noise. Or are you hearing the music plus white noise?Otherwise using Tidal to play CD resolution tracks works fine ( not concerned yet about tracks on your server, just Tidal). Once you have started the white noise even when you stop playing the track, the noise continues.

I was hoping that there might be a simple solution which is why I asked those questions about the source of Tidal. Unfortunately I am a Qobuz not Tidal subscriber so I cannot access Tidal and try to duplicate your issue. However there are many Tidal users here so i am hoping one of them will bring their expertise to your problem. So keep checking back.

Edit. Still thinking. What does the Bartok display on its front panel when you select and play an MQA track? Does it display MQA or MQA. and what icon is shown for clock synchronisation?

Thank you for your concern.
To respond to your question : when i listen an MQA song on Tidal, there is a noise all along the song, and just before the song begins, and even when i stop the song, until i choose a 16 bit song. Then the noise stops.
I don’t have that problem with files on my server. Just with MQA on Tidal. Every MQA.
From recent times. Maybe since the last update.
It seems that the Bartok generates that noise on MQA files. I didn’t notice that last year.
On the front panel : M1 W1 MQA.
Best regards,
Tyler Durden.

Thanks Tyler. I think that the display is as it should be and indicates that Bartok is receiving MQA data. I assume that you are using either network or USB 2 input ? Double check the latter as it is so easy to plug the cable into the incorrect port in error.

I particularly note that the white noise is continuous from MQA track selection until you switch to a different format and Bartok switches. So is Mosaic then sending MQA encoded but corrupt data to Bartok? I would at least try reinstalling Mosaic.

As I mentioned I am not a Tidal subscriber so I am unable to try this out myself.

Given the information that has now been added to this thread I am now hoping that one of the dCS engineers will pick up on it or another member with Bartok/MQA experience may chip in.

Ah Paris - what a lovely city. Aside from a coffee at a truck stop on the Boulevard Peripherique on the way back from Dijon I haven’t been there since 1970 :frowning_face:. Something I ought to remedy once the travel restrictions are over.

Tyler, I’m not experiencing any issues with MQA playback on my Bartok (with firmware update), via either Mosaic or Roon.

Maybe your local dCS dealer might help you diagnose the issue further?

Same here no problem with MQA/Tidal

Thank you Pete, Anup and Andy for your answers.


Does the front panel under Versions show ‘Network: 504’?

And does the MQA Status indicator on the Mosaic control app show a green or blue light (studio authenticated), or no light?

As a previous life programmer I tend to consider each variable whether likely relevant or not :slight_smile:

Gut feel is a Mosaic Processor software glitch in the box not the app, suggesting reinstall of latest 1.1.1 may help

I tend to agree but how would the OP do this? The update is available via Mosaic which searches for the latest version. So it will find v1.1.1 is already installed and just indicate.that no updates are available.

I’m sure you’re right and only dCS support can help with this

Thanks all. @TylerDurden has been in touch directly and we are currently investigating the issue.