What’s with "the line"?

Am I the only one here with a Vivaldi stack and a galloping OCD that’s bothered by “the line”?

The line I am referring to is the vertical line on the left hand edge of the Vivaldi DAC display but not on that of the Vivaldi Clock or the Vivaldi Upsampler. :exploding_head:

At first I thought it was a fault with my display, but on closer inspection it seems to be quite deliberate:

Now I’ve noticed it it is all I see as I stare lovingly at my beautiful stack from the listening chair.

This is an outrage! Who is responsible?? In my opinion they should be publicly flogged!


Blackout listening glasses is the way forward :rofl:

Definitely not normal. Oddly clean fault though. :thinking:

Way too clean IMO. What do you say, @Phil?


No! You’re killing me!! :scream:


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Many thanks @August and @barryr1. I think I have an idea what the problem is. I think my display has been fitted a millimeter or so too far to the right, probably just the tolerance of the bolt holes. So I suspect (@phil?) that all the displays have that vertical line, it’s just that when it is in correct alignment you don’t see it. Would you both be so kind as to take a picture during the startup sequence? As you can see on mine the TM is hard up against the right hand side of the screen, is that how yours look?

Is that how yours look?

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I will check tonight when I’m back from the office.

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Sadly I would say it’s the first column of pixels on the display failed myself…

Not that I’m aware of … :frowning:


If you switch off all the display, you will not see it anymore and it does not impact negatively the sound…It is a personal matter obviously, but the display distract me from the music…

On the other side, it is a defect of your equipment, so it must be repaired…If you don’t want trouble with the young Greta, instead of sending it to dCS, you should go to the repair café in your neighbourhood :joy:


I don’t normally turn it off at the back (to save the battery), but did so now to see the startup. I’m afraid Phil is right.

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Thanks @August! :pray:

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Im just getting to this and machine is already running. You want a double verification ill get it tomorrow. B

Thanks @barryr1. The horizontal position looks identical to mine so I am leaning towards that it is a display fault and probably unlikely I can hide it. No prob. It could be worse!

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Ouch! :scream::scream::scream:

I kindly suggest to contact your dealer, to get yours serviced, before the above happens.

It did to me.

Although dCS and my dealer, and distributor, did a marvelous job to fix it, it is better to plan it ahead.


OK…struts001…maybe a ref to “strut: a rod or bar forming part of a framework and designed to resist compression”. Your dealer just thought it would be a nice “touch”? And of course we all want to “resist compression” in our audio.