What is the significance of different frequencies in Vivaldi Master Clock?

I do not understand why Vivaldi master clock has different frequencies when everything could be locked to 44.1 and 48 respectively? Vivaldi isn’t intelligent like Mutec reclocker to detect sample rate based on input signal and set frequency accordingly.

Is there any benefit or improvements using higher multiples or stay with base 44.1 for Group1 and 48 for Group2? Issue is with Quboz and Tidal MQA streaming, which are both highly inconsistent in sample rates between tracks.

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Interesting question! Maybe @Phil or @James can clarify this.

From the manual I get the idea that setting a multiple of the base frequencies in the 2 clock groups is optional, as it says you can try . These frequencies are just to lock the word clock to the internal clock of the Upsampler and/ or DAC, not to the sample rates of the played music itself. That is done by the internal clock(s) of the latter.

I’m a new Vivaldi owner. I purchased the DAC and Upsampler at the same time and just added the clock a few days ago. I am also wondering about the choice of base clock rates and what differences users may be experiencing. Of course one ultimately has to decide for him/herself from experience but I wonder what opinions folks might have on this ?

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