What is the AES output level of the DCS network bridge?

Is the digital output signal of the bridge +18dbu? My Dac can choose to output +18DBu and +24DBu, I will match the bridge, thank you

The AES3-2009 standard specifies anywhere from 2-7Vpp into 110Ohms. However, that AES voltage level has no significance to your DAC’s analog output voltage level.

If your DAC has a standard AES input, then a 0dBFS signal from the dCS Network Bridge to that DAC’s AES input will drive the DAC to its maximum analog output voltage, whatever that level you configured on your DAC +18dBU or +24dBU - that maximum output level on your DAC should be configured to match your Pre-Amp/Amp, not the dCS Network Bridge.


Thank you for anup, my preamp supports a maximum input of 25DBu, how should I choose at this point, choose 18DBU or 24DBu?

Can’t really say as I don’t know what DAC or PreAmp you’re referring to (connected to your dCS Network Bridge). Maybe try both and settle on the one the sounds the best to you? :+1:t2:

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