What brand of AES/EBU cables are you using?

Just got my NWB a couple of weeks ago and have it paired with a TAD D1000MK2 dac using a single AES connection (using a really low budget cable that I had laying around).

What brand of cables do you use cheap, expensive, long, short :grinning:

Thinking of getting a descent cable in the future so some suggestions what others are using and liking would be nice to hear about.

I have used many brands of cable for AES/EBU connection over the past 20 years. In retrospect many of the most expensive from the biggest hifi cable brands returned the most average performance. Acceptable but not better than that.

In the end I have turned from the usual commercial offerings to the professional studio market and recommend these custom built wires:

DMX lighting cables have the same electrical characteristics as other AES/EBU specified cables. These Digitour cables are identical to the equivalent Van Damme AES/EBU cables except they are sheathed in black rather than green ( for stage invisibility). Van Damme is one of the best pro brands ( Kilometres supplied to e.g. Abbey Road, BBC and many many other studios). Being custom made I specified mine with gold plated pins on the Neutrik connectors. I use 1.5m cables. 1m will reach between the components but the extra 50cm gives me more “wiggle room” when clambering around behind the equipment rack.

The proof is in the listening :grinning:

Siltech Golden Ridge G5 was very good between my Debussy and NB Bridge.
Bartok solved the digital cable issue))

Two Transparent Reference AES/EBU.

I hope it is good, actually I didn’t spend time comparing cables…I trusted my dealer…I can say that the connectors seem to be of very g.ood quality.

I am using AudioQuest Diamond. Seem to work well.

Transparent Reference AES/EBU NB to PS Audio DirectStream DAC

I have narrowed it down to two choices either build my own cables (xlr digital plus analog) with DH Labs cables or buy finished cables from Envy Audio.

An AES/EBU cable requires a characteristic impedance of 110 ohms. I can see that the raw cable from DH Labs is asserted to adhere to that .

Looking at the otherwise very interesting XLR microphone cables ( there is no AES/EBU specific cable listed) on the Audio Envy website I found that impedance is not a parameter disclosed.

Of course the absolute requirement for 110 ohms impedance is compromised by the fact that the XLR connectors do not maintain the correct impedance to the receptacle. Further the typically short lengths used for domestic audio setups also reduces the need to be text book correct.

So, personally , I would go the DH labs route. Not because it is absolutely necessary but I would just feel happier that the cable was in the right ball park, as it were.

of course none of these considerations will predict the way it will actually sound in your system.

Audio Envy makes a 110ohm cable looking like their O’nestian so no problem geting a AES cable from them.

Well, after reading your response I went back to look at the Audio Envy website and the O’nestian cables but I still do not see any reference to characteristic impedance.

They have an interesting approach to cable design so I would appreciate it if you would kindly post a link to the technical information about the O’nestian cable that you are considering.

No the AES cable is not on their website but looks the same like the O’nestian but it is 110ohm.
Perhaps I should write that I am going to get both digital and analog xlr at the same time.
Most of the technical stuff I got from the owner on my email he is very responsive.

Thanks for the response . I have bookmarked their website should I need to look at cables in the future.

I hope that I can contact octaviars through this message nearly a month later but if so:

You should have made your decision and received your cables by now. What did you chose and how are you getting on with them?

Well I made the choice and are going to buy the cables from Audio Envy. Lots of other stuff have come between but I might place the order today.

Thanks for responding. When you get them and have had a chance to get used to them please post on the result. Your previous postings and the positive comments on Audio Envy that I have read elsewhere have me interested.

I will do that no problem.

Dual AcousticZen Matrix Reference XLR Interconnects to Debussy DAC from Network Bridge

Today the cables from Audio Envy arrived. One AES/EBU cable and a pair of O’nestian 4:4 analog xlr cables.

Here are some pictures @PAR have not yet connected them.

Their look gives confidence although if the analogue ones are a stereo pair I would be disappointed that, as far as I can see, there doesn’t seem to be anything to distinguish channels especially as the boot over the strain relief on those (what look like) Neutrik connectors is available in multiple colours for ID purposes. Minor point.

Anyway I am really looking forward to hearing from you again once you have had an opportunity to form an opinion on them.

I am also curious to read about your experiences.
BTW, I have now used a DH Labs Silver Sonic D-110 AES/EBU balanced digital interface cable for approx. 1 month and it works just fine!