What bnc cables dCS use and recommend for clock connection?

So can dCS plz recommend some bnc cables to connect Rossini with the clock? )
Every one else plz also share your experience! ))
Siltech are good but too expensive =(

The Shunyata are the best…for me.

Givara, there is so much already on this forum about this very subject. Here’s an example but you can search the archives for others :

You will see that the members here use cables covering a wide range of products and prices. And those with the most spendy rigs do not necessarily use the most spendy cables ( and vice versa). In fact in one of the recent postings on this subject ( last week I think so you will still find it on this page’s subject list below) the user has just changed his cables for new ones that cost only 10% of his original choice having found that the cheaper ones sound better.

You really do not need to spend a fortune on wordclock cables. If you want to, well it’s your money :slight_smile:.

dCS themselves will not recommend cables. They wish to remain neutral.

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Hi Givara, i asked a similar question there was a lot of recommendations for 75ohm cables from Designacable or Wyde Eyed (this is what i bought) hope this helps.

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We’ve had several threads on this topic. A search for “clock cable” will find them quickly. As Pete notes, dCS won’t recommend a particular one. Personally, I recommend starting with a reasonably-priced, well-engineered set so that you can get a baseline before springing into more expensive cables.


Should you ever need to :wink:

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Biggest problem is to find a good 50ohm bnc cable to connect my 10mhz clock to a word clock.

Your opening question was how to connect Rossini with the clock i.e. the Rossini clock.

Now you ask for

Does that mean that you are no longer talking about Rossini products? Is it just an unidentified 10mhz clock to be connected to an unidentified wordclock?

Rossini Clock does not have an input for an external reference clock. Rossini DAC has two word clock inputs and one word clock output. I’m not positive, but I think all three are 75 ohm connections. And none is for a 10mHz reference clock. What exactly are you connecting?

I was recommended bnc cables from designacable or Wyde Eyde cables


Yes both goodies, but they are 75 ohm cables. Givara wants 50 ohm cables.

Trouble is at the time of writing we don’t know exactly what he wants to connect to what.

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My clock is not dCS. I have a 10mhz Cybershaft connected to Sound warrior word clock, and that then in to Rossini.
Another question: sound warrior word clock not like Dcs clock can’t automatically switch from 44.1 to 48, so it’s done manually by clicking a button on the word clock, so do I still need 2 bnc cables connected from word clock to Rossini or 1 is enough?

My question is ; why do you want a 50 ohm cable? AFAIK the Cybershaft 10mHz clocks have 75 ohm outputs as other members here use them with their Vivaldi clocks. That is not to indicate that Cybershaft may not have alternative 50 ohm outputs in addition but the Sound Warrior clock has 75 ohm inputs and outputs:

If you are having to manually switch between 44.1 and 48 kHz sample rates on your clock then you need only connect a single cable to one of the Rossini wordclock inputs. I think that you may need to set the Rossini to wordclock1-2 auto but you will need to check this in practice as I am not a Rossini owner.

Well I also think that if I connect 1 bnc then I should specify what inlet

Yes, you need not only to connect to the BNC input that you have selected but also select it in the menu. I agree , not the auto option though.

Back to the other issue. Are you still looking for 50 ohm cables and, if so, why?

Well yes u can use 75ohm cable to connect cyber and warrior but I’m not sure that there would be no trade off for that. I’ll try to perform some experiments later )

The trade off will be better sound. :wink: There is no reason to prefer 50Ohm on any of those devices, and there is a greater selection of properly engineered 75ohm cables. When I acquired my OP21A, Kenji Hasegawa offered either 50Ohm or 75Ohm cables, so I suppose you could get the 50 from him if you wanted. But as long as your Cybershaft model has the 75Ohm capability, why not use it?

@PAR, Pete, thanks for posting that link to the Sound Warrior clock. I could not find it. I am curious, though, whether there is any objective reason for thinking that clock improves Rossini’s performance.

Quite. Clocks are not as straightforward as people think. Just generating a regular pulse is not the full solution. Note the two postings in the last week or two from users of clocks other than a dCS one saying that there was now something “missing”.

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Well, sound warrior + good cybershaf sounds better for me than Rossini clock for what I heard myself (imho). The trade off is that u have to switch manually pressing buttons from 44,1 to 48,… and Rossini clock does that automatically. Actually wanted a Rossini clock, but it has no 10mhz input and price is like 5 times more expensive than a warrior + cybershaft

Then it’s good you are happy with the SQ. Sounds like you have a bargain