What bnc cables dCS use and recommend for clock connection?

If your Cypbershaft only supports 50 ohm output I’d suggest getting the semi-rigid 50 ohm cable from Cybershaft. It’s definitely the best value for money of the available ones. The Sound Warrior can be switched to 50 ohm input.

I currently have an OP20A, the Vivaldi clock and two Sound Warrior word clocks in my system. I’ve been switching back and forth between the Vivaldi clock and the Sound Warrors every week or two for comparison purposes. No definitve conclusion yet but I can at least say that in my system the difference is subtle.

The Sound Warrior is specifically recommended by Hasegawa-san as he’s tested it and confirmed it’s able to maintain the performance of his clocks at the outputs. The DDS approach used in these is totally differnent than the PLL used in the Vivaldi clock and has some distinct advantages for converting a high accuracy word clock input. On the other hand the Vivaldi clock was designed specifically for use with the Vivaldi and has some interesting features like dither, plus it looks a lot nicer :slight_smile:

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Well the price for sound warrior is less than iPhone and Vivaldi clock is priced like a not bad car, so vivaldi should be lot nicer )))

Jeff, do you have two of the Sound Warriors for the purpose of covering both frequency ranges? Or is there some other purpose? Forgive me for not remembering, are you also running the Upsampler?

Hi Pete, yeah, I’m using one for 44 and one for 48. With my PC audio playlists it’s pretty frustrating to have the switch the frequency back and forth. These are not particularly pricey units so it made sense to just get two.

I am indeed using the upsampler, so I three box stack (except when I’m using the Sound Warriors!)