Welcome dCS Mosaic v1.43 & Network firmware 513

This was the error message that i got. I rebooted the bartok and it updated but did not reconnect. I had to enter the ip address manualy and all seems ok now.

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Same here.

@lazyscott and @Lima , have you contacted Phil at dCS support as requested by him above?

Hi Pete, no as it has now been updated.

Exactly the same problem here on my old iPad Air, Mosaic last version doesn’t work at all. Hope it can be arranged soon.

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As in the messages above. Please advise:

[email protected]

@PAR Its ok now. I reboot the Bartók and everything was ok. Thanks

I am having issues since the update. Update went well except Vivaldi upsampler didn’t reboot automatically. Power cycled via the back button. Firmware now says 513. Updated Mosaic in the Apple App Store. Played a 48/24 Qobuz album via Mosaic and part way through the first track it stopped and then restarted but I noticed now it was playing 44.1/16. This morning I was playing a 44.1/16 album and partway through track 4 it stopped and restarted and I noticed that it now said 320 kbs mp3. This never happened before. Only issue I had prior to update was gapless on 192/24 tracks. Any ideas? I am doing a 2 month trial of Tidal and so used the Tidal connect to finish listening direct from the Tidal app to the Vivaldi. Much prefer Qobuz but no Qobuz connect.

Sorry to hear this.

It can be hard to work out what may be wrong from a distance. However one clue is this:

You only mention one instance of this in the “versions” segment of the support menu when there ought to be two. You should be seeing:

  1. App Version 1.4.3 ( 513)
  2. Network Board Version 1.4.3 ( 513)

Are you seeing both? If not I suggest that you turn your unit off from the rear panel and waiting 30 secs before switching on, once again ? This refreshes the firmware from the copy held in memory.

I read your final comment just as a comment on the absence of a Qobuz Connect at present rather than you being unable to get Qobuz at all. Is that right?

Please kindly report back on the above.

My installation seemed to go OK, although my Vivaldi subsampler also did not reboot on its own and it took a couple of power cycles to get it back.

In Mosaic I am seeing App version: 1.4.3 (151) and Network Board Version 1.4.3 (513). One of them (App version) is different to the version Pete has highlighted, so I am not sure if mine is OK. I have a message that no further updates are available so I believe I have carried out all the steps.

I haven’t yet tried playing anything.

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App version 1.4.3 (151) and network board version 1.4.3 (513) are correct Murray. Just a typo from Pete I believe.

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My error. Apologies. This is the build number and for the app 1.4.3 ( 151) is correct for iOS . I no longer have Android access so can’t see that. Build 513 is right for the network board.so thanks and @demoleon please note.

Thanks for confirming, Pete and Struts, much appreciated.

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