Weird software/hardware issues with Rossini Player v2.01

I’ve seen a couple weird software or software/hardware issues with my Rossini Player, picked up from the dealer brand new last Thursday:

  1. When I switched back to my USB input, my Mac didn’t see the Rossini Player anymore. I figured it was a Mac thing and rebooted it, but it still didn’t see the Rossini Player, so I powered off the Rossini Player and powered it back up, and now the Mac saw it, but… a few seconds later the Player spit out my CD. No matter how many times I tried to get it to read the TOC of the disc, it would give up and not see it, despite playing the disc just fine a few hours ago.

  2. I power cycled the Rossini Player a second time, and now it can both be seen by the Mac and it can read the TOC of my CD again.

Very strange; are there known issues in the 2.01 firmware that can cause this sort of thing, or should I be worried about my new Rossini Player?

That sounds to me along the lines of “sometimes these things just happen”. I doubt that there is any real problem with your Rossini Player.

Ultimately all of the dCS components are highly specialised computers. And we all know the first rule of solving strange computer behaviour " Have you switched it off and on again?" :slightly_smiling_face:

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Since I work in the industry, I know that rule well. :grin: