Volume rotary control issues?


In any case, rotary control (K) of my Rossini Player is not working.

Concerning rotary control of my remote control, isn’t working too when listening to usb Key, but It’s perfectly working when I listen CD.

version : 2.00
network : 501
transport : 67
(Clock Rossini)
(No internet connection yet, I just received the player)

Thanks in advance for your answer.


When the front panel menu is active (or you are browsing a USB stick via the front panel) then the rotary control will navigate the menus rather than adjust the volume. Once you have selected the tracks to play via the front panel then tap the POWER button to return to the main display screen. At that point he volume control will work normally.

Many thanks for your kick answer.

Sadly, the rotary control never works, neither for adjusting the volume nor navigate the menus.

And the remote rotary control works only in the case I described.

I guess there is a repair to be done?


Sorry, I misread your original post.

Indeed, it looks like there may be an issue with your unit. Give your dealer a call and they’ll be able to get it sorted quickly.

Yes, that is what I feared.

By the way, my Rossini will be connected to the router by a short cable, but I cannot connect the router with the modem by a cable, but only by Wifi.
I will have a nas connected by usb to the router, and an Ipad to drive all.
Please, could you point me to a good router with wifi and USB plug for such use.


With respect to Andrew’s response I notice that you also say that the Rossini has only just been received. That leaves me to wonder if it is just your unfamiliarity with the unit? You say that it works OK with CD input so any intrinsic fault is lessened as a probability.

I am sorry to ask a dumb question but as I am a dCS customer with over 20 years experience I appreciate that they are often not intuitive to use. Have you read the instruction manual?

Just switch it off and reboot to start.

EDIT: Since writing the above I have seen your further posting about NAS connectivity. This is written in the future tense so what are you trying now?

Thanks to take time to answer me.

Yes, despite my small knowledge of the English language , I have read almost the entire manual, and I am almost sure that there is a real problem.
I have switch it off and reboot to start many times, but nothing changes.
I also did a factory reset. No result.

The rotary control of the front panel never works, either during the reading of the cd or the usb key.

The rotary button on the remote control works only when playing CDs, but never if playing music from the USB stick.

About the router, I don’t have one yet, so I haven’t tried one.


The functionality of dCS equipment using a USB memory stick input is limited. However whether that is the case here I do not know but your response helps to define the problem. I hope that Andrew may be able to add something when he is next online. What format does your USB stick use?

In the meantime I can only say that dCS are meticulous in testing before an item release so I would be hopeful that a product return should not be necessary. Let’s see how this develops over the next days. BTW your English is SO much better than my French :grinning:

Thanks for that.
USB stick uses fat 32
I am waiting for an IPad, and I will try to use Mosaic.
I hope it will work so.

Whilst you await your i-pad and router*I would double check that the USB thumb drive you are using is not the cause of your problem.

Rossini should recognise the drive once the USB 2 input has been selected by pressing the button on the fascia ( that is button E in the user manual or top row of buttons second to the right from the CD drawer) and you then hold down the Menu button ( third to the right) for a couple of seconds to open the browser. I daresay that the remote also allows selection of the input ( I don’t know if the Rossini remote is the same as Vivaldi).

My understanding is that you are doing the above steps and nothing is happening. If so, have you a device other than the computer where you formatted and loaded the USB drive that can read it e.g. another computer? Some brands of drive can be unreliable which is why I think that such a check is useful to establish that it is the definitely the player and not the drive at fault.

*You say that you haven’t got a router but I am assuming that you must have in order to post your messages here or are you posting via a phone and 3 or 4G or ,say, from outside home?

You also asked earlier " Please, could you point me to a good router with wifi and USB plug for such use." The connection from the router to the Rossini is by ethernet cable e.g. Cat 6, not USB ( NB: your NAS and the Rossini will both plug into the router , the wifi connection to it will be by your i-pad) I would not recommend buying the cheapest such cable nor the most expensive but one that has been properly designed for purpose. I like the German Meicord which seems a good balance of high performance, rugged construction and price. As for the router itself I do not know how French ISPs act but here in the UK the ISP usually provides a free one with the account and they are mostly fine to start with ( and you get set up support). Then with experience you can see if you require anything more sophisticated. Streaming music , even hi-res from someone like Qobuz, does not make exceptional demands upon data capacity.

I hope I am being helpful. Let me know if you have any success.

Edit: I have just re-read the whole of the thread and have realised that the rotary control is not even adjusting the volume. That would have nothing to do with the input selected so I am sad to say that it looks like a return of the Rossini to your dealer for attention may be necessary.

Kind Regards


Issues with the optical encoder used for the volume control are rare but there have been occasional failures. There’s no pattern to it. One day it works and the next it doesn’t. Our French distributor is fantastic and they will take great care of you.

In the mean time please accept my apologies on behalf of everyone at dCS for the inconvenience.

Thanks for your answer.
I will contact the seller and see what to do with him.
I will let you know later.