Volume knob loose!

Hi, new Bartok owner. I was trying out the headphones and tried to adjust the volume. Nothing happened. That’s funny. I thought the knob is supposed to change the volume. Then the knob just came out in my hand! I guess it just loosened on the trip over here to PA.

I see two set screws on the knob but don’t know how you could possibly tighten them once it is in place. How do you do it?!! There’s a bearing in there too.

you say that you are a new owner but is the Bartok new and was it bought from an authorised dealer? I ask as what you are reporting should nor happen and is difficult to imagine how it could occur in the normal course of things. The reason is that dCS do not have a production line and each unit is hand built with subsequent rigorous quality control carried by staff members who did not construct it. You should have the double packaging which was developed for international shipping and protects units in transit.

If it is brand new this fault should be covered under warranty and it is for the dealer or distributor to sort out . I will bring this to the attention of @Phil at dCS support should he have comments to make. I assume that PA is Pennsylvania? If not please advise.


The knob is fastened from inside the unit so this is something that your dealer will need to get sorted for you - it’s quite an extensive disassembly and a pretty unusual issue to crop up - is this a new unit?

Can you contact me at [email protected] with the serial number?


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Yes, this was a brand new unit shipped from dCS to my dealer. I just picked it up last week from my dealer and drove it home. It was double boxed and no damage to the boxes.

Ugh, I waited five weeks for it to come in. It is a 2 hour drive each way to the dealer, and kills the whole day. Not a fun drive either. I will contact him and see what to do.

Jim and I have been in contact via support@ too so I’ve escalated the issue to the US team and they should be in touch to rectify it for you.

Please let me know at support@ if you don’t hear anything from them within the next 24 hours.



Thanks for the quick support! Great to know you can be counted on when problems arise.

I have been in contact with my dealer and it should be resolved within a week.