Volume from a Scarlatti DAC is suddenly decreased

I have a Scarlatti DAC and Network Bridge both with the latest versions of firmware.

I don’t listen to the combination that often (I listen primarily to vinyl and tape) but a few weeks ago I noticed that the volume level had decreased tremendously from what I had remembered.

Performing a hard reset to both devices doesn’t seem to solve the problem and I am certain that I had the Scarlatti set to output its lower output level (1.5V vs 6V). Lastly, this occurs when using both Mosaic and Roon as an input to the NB bridge.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Check to make sure that the volume setting on your Network Bridge is set to full scale (0.0dB). If you use a preamp with your Scarlatti, then be sure that its volume control is set to full scale (or near it).

I’m fairly sure I’ve done this already.

I’m away from my system right now so can you remind me where the Network Bridge Volume setting is configured?


You can set the Network Bridge volume via the Mosaic control app. I find it easiest using the full screen view.

I want to finesse Andrew’s comment. Do not set the Scarlatti volume to 0.0dB AND the preamp output to full scale at the same time unless you wish to use Mosaic as the primary volume controller ( ensure that you set that to a low figure before you try it) .

The maximum voltage level from the Scarlatti is either 2 or 6V . The correct setting will depend upon the input sensitivity of either the pre or power amp depending upon the components and how your system is configured. Most preamp inputs will not appreciate 6V but some tube power amplifiers may.