Volume control in Vivaldi Upsampler Dutch & Dutch 8c system

I have just replaced my auralic streamer/upsampler with the Vivaldi Upsampler as the digital hub for my system; comprising Naim UnitiCore as the source for my ripped Cd’s, Roon Nucleus+ for streaming sources, Tidal, and internet radio plus library management and Dutch & Dutch 8c loudspeakers. All running latest software. My issue is how to control volume. Ideally from either Roon or the Vivaldi. I could do this with the auralic based system however having introduced the Vivaldi I’m left having to use the 8c volume control. In Roon and either Mosaic/Vivaldi apps the volume shows as -80dB but the volume slider does not affect the sound level. Almost certainly user error so can someone get me pointed in the right direction please :grinning:

Ian, the Vivaldi Upsampler has no Volume control capability as it’s designed to be coupled to a Vivaldi DAC which is where the Volume control function resides.

Since you’re utilising the 8c’s built-in DAC, IMHO, it’s best to leverage the 8c’s volume control, rather than truncating the digital source stream (Roon).

Thanks Anup