Voice sibilance

Just took delivery of a Bartok to replace my aging Esoteric K03x.
Setting up the Bartok was easy and I linked my Aurender music server to the USB1 port. The Aurender is also equipped to do the 1st level MQA unfolding.
The Bartok is configured to output 6v (at 0 db) into my PassLabs Int-250 amp, into a pair of Wilson Audio Duette 2 speakers. Btw, I also tried reducing the output volume to 2v as part of trial and error.
I detect some level of voice sibilance whilst listening to familiar tracks. I also tried playing around with the filters (DXD, DSD, Filters 1 to 4), though Filter 2 on DSD seems to have the least sibilance.
Has anyone came across this “problem” per se?

Maybe you are more sensitive for pre and after ringing or how pronounced is the sibilance compared to your Esoteric for instance?

Take it to the dealer and compare it to their Bartók demo unit and see, otherwise i think the Bartók is much more transparent and sibilance sounds tend to be more noticeable.

The DSD filter 2 is one of the warmer filters in comparison to filter DSD filter 1 and PCM filter 1 , that is correct.

Try also to lower the input gain on you INT30 if possible.

How long have you had the Bartok? They do take a little burning in from delivery. I have just taken delivery of some Vivaldi /Rossini components and they needed a couple of days to stabilise.

There should be no excess sibilance unless it is on the recording. Also check your system downstream of the Bartok, However given the overall standard of your setup I would not expect problems. Nevertheless if the problem remains after burn in I would see if an alternative USB cable from Aurender to Bartok helped. Just a hunch.

Otherwise I agree with Beolab.

Thanks for your input. The sibilance was far less noticeable on the Esoteric. Guess I have to have some patience and let the unit burn in.

Thanks guys for the tips.

I agree on this. Same story with my Rossini Player & Clock. First days I had pain in my ears, but this disappeared. I also used the ‘burn in’ function on the Player.

Thanks for the tip and reassurance.

For what is worth, I also use a Pass Labs amp - Bartók as a pre, then XA25 going to Magico A3. No sibilance or overall issues with treble.

I am very sorry but I made a mistake and wrote not in this forum where I wanted. This was information related to Roon and plugins for this program.
Regards Robert