Vivaldi Upsampler not linking to Etheregen

I have been running an Uptone Etheregen for months with my Bartok and for the last month with my Vivaldi Upsampler. I lost the signal and have turned everything fully off and on about 10 times. It connects for about 15 seconds then disconnects. I also feed the regen with fiber as I have set that up too (I know not at the same time) and it does the same thing. I put the Etheregen in front of my whole network that is between the google fiber inbound and my first switch and everything in the house including the upsampler works. When I plug the cat 6 out of the wall directly into the Upsampler it works every time. I have also tried multiple ethernet cables from the regen to the upsampler. It seems like the regen works, but the upsampler doesn’t like something about it now when it is directly attached. This exact set up worked for a long time with the Bartok and a month with the Vivaldi. Any ideas?

Have you tried switching to a standard switch?

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I ended up taking out my ER from in front of my Upsampler and swapping the GigaFoil 4 back in. My experience was different though. The ER runs very hot and consumes a fair bit of power for such a simple function. Mine would also lock up at least once per week. It would just freeze. Unplugging it and replugging solved the problem every time. For a while. This happened with both the Uptone-supplied PSU and the Keces P8. I haven’t gotten around to sending it to Uptone for diagnosis, but I will.

It’s odd how set-ups react differently. I put a gigaFoil in friont of my upsampler and had nothing but problems and returned it. I replaced it with a SGC optical module and my system has been rock solid ever since.

I just ordered the Network Acoustics ENO and the cable. I’ll see how that works out. I think you are right, some combinations of different products don’t work reliably. I’d wanted to try the ENO anyway. How’s that for a rationalization to buy something else!

I had an AV friend try to figure out my connection problem. He measured 980 gbps at the end of the cat 6 leading into the upsampler. Neither the Etherregen nor the Network Accoustics ENO will go from that 980 mbps cat 6 into my upsampler and connect. Both of these devices slowed the data flow, but both were fast enough that they should stream (one was 30 mbps and the other as 90 mbps) That said, both of these devices can be put at the other end of that cat 6 (at the house feeded entry point) 50 feet away and the upsampler works perfectly. I can hear a difference in sound each device makes, but that’s not how these devices are supposed to be positioned. I have an e mail into the dCS resource that is supposed to have the greatest knowledge of this area. I’m anxious as to their ideas.