Vivaldi Upsampler not holding Output memory

I recently noticed that my Upsampler is not keeping the input to output mapping in memory. I had initially set it up to map all PCM in a multiple of 44.1 to 352 and everything in a multiple of 48 to 384. DSD is mapped to DSD. Once I selected these mappings for each input value, the Upsampler would always revert to the proper output. However, tonight I noticed it is not doing this on both USB and Network inputs. I recently did some work in my rack, which required powering down and unplugging some devices, so I initially assumed that the Upsampler may have lost the memory. But even after going through the process of remapping input sample rate to output sample rate, the Upsampler was not properly switching based on the sample rate of the input stream.

Karl, don’t you use DXD Lock for the purpose of upsampling PCM to those rates? My Upsampler doesn’t require setting the specific rate depending on the base rate. It just automatically switches to the correct rate using DXD Lock (also referred to as DXD Mode On). See pp. 30 & 39 of the manual. Perhaps I am misunderstanding your problem.

Thanks, Greg. It was so long ago when I set up my stack, that I had completely forgotten about these parameters. In fact, I seem to recall originally (maybe with the V1 firmware) I had to do manual matching, but then it remembered those settings. I’m not sure how the DXD Lock and DSD passthrough settings got dropped, but all is right with my world again. Thanks for the help!

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I know that feeling of discovering that something’s changed and it upsets a very neatly arranged apple cart. :beers: