Vivaldi Transport bug(?)

It happened so suddenly, my transport start to open and close automatically, also, the display is turn off by itself.
I am pretty sure it is not the remoter’s problem because even if I remove the battery, it still happened.

I have tried to totally turn off and unplug it. But still has the problem.

So what should be the problem? Why it happen? (Especially the display suddenly set as “off”)
This really scared me terribly in the middle of the night…


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I am sorry to read this Zanah, and can imagine how you feel. I had something similar with my Rossini DAC 12 days ago.

If the issue does not go over by itself I would contact my dealer a.s.a.p. Good luck!

Omg. My Vivaldi DAC’s USB port has issues too. And I don’t have upsampler yeah. I can’t image the life without music. :cold_face: Especially I can’t find the the recent express delivery was severely delayed.
Do you get any help from here?
And is it possible to send it back by ourselves? I will like to ship it by fastest express.
Because my friend bought a brand new solution 540 power amp. It had problem after one month. Until now, he still haven’t got his machine back. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

My dealer helped me directly, and took care of everything, including shipping. I do not think it is a good idea to ship yourself, without contact with your dealer or dCS.

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Thank you very much for your reply.
Of course I will contact dcs first. My friend’s dealer took care of everything too. However, he still hasn’t got his machine back. 6 months is very long time for me. :cold_face:

Do you not have a dCS dealer to help you?

As I said, my transport is brand new. So I do have. He said he will help me ask why it happened. But if I can contact dcs directly I will like to do that myself. Save me asking him about his progress all the time. :laughing:

You seem to have two issues with what I am assuming are both brand new components. Firstly Vivaldi Transport opening and switching of its own accord and secondly Vivaldi DAC with USB issues.

These should be dealt with a.s.a.p .

dCS has a worldwide distributor and dealer network which are there in part to deal with issues . It may also be that the problems can be fixed locally without need to send it all of the way to the UK. I am assuming ( perhaps wrongly) that you are not in the UK. If I were you I would start by following the usual route for service especially as it is under guarantee and you will not want to personally incur shipping charges and deal with customs . I live in the UK and as a dCS customer of long standing was used to dealing directly for service issues. These days, however, it all passes via dealer and the UK distributor.

Where are you in the world as you have not divulged this in your profile? Please do add this information as it can be of help and prevents us advising things that may not be available to you.

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Ever seen the movie “The Ring” or “Ringu”?

I know these videos, but I will never watch them! :cold_face:

That is good news. Are you using a dealer in NZ or the one that you bought the items from in China?

Please keep us advised as to your progress.