Vivaldi streamer (upsampler): next track via IR

It has been asked for before but I like to bring it to attention one more time:

A feature request to have the Vivaldi upsampler/streamer be able to receive a next track command from infrared remote control.
At the moment the dCS remote’s next button addresses a CD player. Streaming however is taking over disc spinning (I do not own the CD player) and streamers from other brands are perfectly able to skip to the next track in the playlist by ir-remote (and play/pause/previous).

Having a remote nearby to skip tracks is much more comfortable than having to pick up an iPhone or iPad. (I use a Harmony remote, and even still the old Phillips Pronto). Using a remote is even so much more comfortable I would not mind to have the Vivaldi physically be serviced for such an adaptation!!

Now I have to turn on an iMac with a ir-receiver plugged into it, and run Roon on it to control the dCS endpoint that way.

I really think the Vivaldi system is getting behind compared to other brands on this, where it is up to date in every other way (except for naming the inputs :wink: ).
I know most companies do not comment on future features, but I really would like to know if this is in the pipeline. If not, please consider it!



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I use this in Roon .
With my Harmony remote i can do everything what you want.

Good suggestion Ruud. Certainly worth trying :+1:t2:

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I have been pushing John Quick for this since before 2018. See this thread in “Feature Requests”

As the full Vivaldi stack includes a transport and as there is only a single set of track controls on the IR remote it is difficult to see how to do this without commands meant for the transport being acted upon by the Upsampler ( network player) or vice versa or both. You would at least need an extra button on the remote to switch between track control ( transport) and track control ( UPS). Remember there are plenty of us with legacy silver disc collections with a dCS transport.

Although I think the idea of IR track control for network served tracks is great I would seriously doubt that it is reasonable to expect it for Vivaldi at this stage in its production history. Firstly there is the physical requirement noted above. More importantly we are all reasonably speculating that Vivaldi will be replaced by a successor in the not too distant future. Perhaps such a feature could be included on the next generation? However I do wonder if there will be a next generation IR remote? Perhaps it may be more likely for dCS to launch Mosaic v.2.0.0 which includes controls for the transports?

The point is to not have to rely on a software solution (Mosaic) to perform the same tasks the Rossini handles. I have discussed this with dCS on a couple of occasions and understand the reasons why it is more difficult to implement with the Upsampler in the loop.

I don’t use the Mosaic app for anything save for setting adjustments. It will never replace Roon for music playback.


Maybe a software setting in the upsampler to choose between receiving the commands or not when not using the transport?


Nice thinking!