Vivaldi stack startup sequence

Is there a preferred sequence of startup for the Vivaldi stack?

In my experience, for trouble-free Mosaic Control of the units (with the 3-way RS232 cable), always;

  1. Clock. 2. Upsampler. 3. DAC. 4. Transport.

I usually do DAC, UP, Trans, Clock. It’s not a scientific method just what I’ve always done…no issues ever…

Dac then Upsampler…but not sure that doing the opposite would lead to a different result…

The Upsampler is the main hub through which Mosaic Control tunnels through control signals (via the Dual AES) to the other components, so, logically it makes sense that it should be turned on before the DAC or Transport. While the Clock first to minimise “sync-hunting” as the other units power up.

That said, I guess it shouldn’t matter too much if the power-up sequence interval between each is just a couple of seconds :grin: